Day 313, Thursday, 26.11.2009

The day started with a launch through quite a single dumper on the steepish beach. I was happy the three boats were gone and didn’t watch me launching! But it went allright, not a single drop in my face…

I headed to Wedge Island, via Thistle Island on my left. This day was a reflief, calm, quiet, almost no wind.

I knew there was some strong westerlies predicted for the next days, but was assuming I could paddle tomorrow with a nice push, and Saturday will be ok again.

When I landed on Wedge Island at 4pm, reading the latest weather update that tomorrow afternoon will be up to 30 kn, on Saturday even 40 kn winds, I was almost tempted to paddle on that calm quiet late afternoon into the night. I changed plans and would be aiming not for Althorpe Island, but for the mainland near Cape Spencer.

There, a local paddling couple, Bill and Jill Wray, offered to look after me with accomodation, shower and food. This may be quite a good opportunity to have the strong wind day off in a bit of comfort with internet and electricity, plus some pampering with nice food and shower! Thanks for th eoffer, Bill and Jill!

But I decided 50 km were enough for the day, the 35 or 50 km tomorrow I’ll do in *very* early first light, to hopefully be done before the strong wind would be blowing too strong! 


Text message from Freya via satellite phone:

35.08 136.27, Wedge Island. 50 km, 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eventually a calm easy day. The calm before the storm? Very strong westerlies tomorrow.

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Henrik Westermark

You´re in historic waters right now. Port Lincoln behind you were one of the most important harbours for the old squarriggers that sailed wheat from Australia to Europe before world war 2.
You´re amazing! All the best for the last leg.

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