Day 314, Friday, 27.11.2009

sunrise after Wedge Island

I got up very early and paddled like hell to avoid the forecasted upcoming very strong following winds. Light northerlies until 8am, then slowly increasing following westerlies. But they were only up to 20 kn and with low swell, this was just nice! No breakers, no tidal movments in these days. Easy going. I landed safely in the first calm bay around Cape Spencer, Cable Beach.
I didn’t go to Althorpe island as planned, as Saturday looked like the strong westerlies will increase to 40 kn. Bill Wray offered to meet me somewhere at Cape Spencer and spoil me with an accomodation, shower and food. This was more than welcome, rather than sitting on Althorpe Island for at least one day! I needed urgently proper internet for my e-mails and updates as well.
Just when I unloaded, Bill showed up and found me! I had already put up my tent as I expected rain and liked to get dry and warm until he’d be there. But we soon drove to a holiday house in Marion Bay he rented for the next two nights, and I made myself at home with shower, internet and later fish and chips, pizza and a bucket of honey ice cream. Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks to Bill Wray to spoil me in this way! Jill would be showing up tomorrow, with a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies to top up my vitamin level…yummy! There was not much to buy in Marion bay general store…

35.17 136.53 Cable Beach 45 km 5.30 to 12.30

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