Day 315, Saturday, 28.11.2009

Jill and Bill Wray, my lovely hosts in a Marion bay holiday house


I slept long and well in a “normal” bed, and spend all morning with typing updates and e-mails. The holiday house was built on high poles, and the whole house was shaking all night and the whole morning in violent storm out there. It felt like a continuous earth quake…

At lunchtime, it was x-mas day! Jill came, and brought with her a whole supermarket collection of fresh fruit, salad and plenty of yummy stuff to have now for lunch, and even to pack for me for the next paddling days until I’ll meet Greg again! I was diving into fresh cherries, grapes and strawberries as a starter, went over to a great choice of fresh salad and delicious little nibblings and ended up with a fat bowl of ice cream with fresh mango for desert. Thanks a lot to Bill and Jill, organizing such a treat!

I could do nothing else then after lunch than lying flat on my bed, having the computer on my round tummy and to keep on typing. I was probably suffering from a vitamin overdosis…but felt quite good! Still, my body was aching everywhere, and I would need more rest than this day, typing like crazy and getting things organized for the last probably 3-4 weeks. The successful end of the trip is close…

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Thanks for the info guys i would like to see Freya beat Pauls time but off course she can always do it again if she misses out,,lol

Helen Gould

Hi Freya, remember us, Helen and Bob from Darwin you stayed at my place. Well we are in Hawaii on holiday watching surfing.
and yes we are still watching your progress. not far to go now. You are fantastic Go Freya. I wish I could be there when the trip is completed.
Cheers Helen


The real pleasure and satisfaction is in the journey, not in the end, so take your time and savour the journey while it lasts.

dutch clouds

Thanks Al for checking, but Freya is then 20 days ahead! Limited restdays and going out when the conditions suck makes a big difference. Adventures like this though are not a race by my book.


For your info Shorty, Freya is on Day 315 since she started and on Paddle Day 230.
Paul got to about the same place on Day 335 from the start and on Paddle day 241.
So Freya is ahead by about 11 days, Go Freya, you’re a true hero to many people. Some others may try this trip after you but they will find it very hard to keep up your pace.
Enjoy your rest, stay safe.


Well done Bill and Jill,,a warm bed and shower beats a tent anyday,,Freya likes Pizza BTW,,lol

Does anybody know how Freya is fairing compared to Pauls trip at this stage ? I think she was two weeks in front a few weeks ago but the goings been tough for sure,,cheers,,


Freya, I’m so glad you didn’t paddle today…I’ve been thinking about you all day, as the wind howled around the corners, hoping you didn’t chance it. I think I’m beginning to sound like my mother, worrying about people…but it has been a wild day. The Southern Ocean can be unforgiving in its grumpy moods, but at least this wind will dry all your gear out well.

A soft bed and fresh fruit, thanks to Jill and Bill…that really is good news, enjoy it while you can. A big round of applause for Bill and Jill too, stepping in just as the weather turned nasty, what perfect timing!

Enjoy your rest Freya, so you can enjoy your next paddle!

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