Day 316, Sunday, 29.11.2009

It was another day off with lots of rest, food and internet work. Thanks again to Bill and Jill Wray still taking good care of me!

We got up early and drove to the beach, ready to go. Sniffing into the still 20-30 kn headwinds (forecast for the day 15-20 kn), I decided to stay another day dry, and to paddle the easier wind days Mon-Tue-Wed to Victor Harbor. Thursday Greg will be back again, and I’ll have my talk. Friday I’d be ready to tackle the Coorong.

See you then!

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Hi Freya,
komme gerade vom Drachenboottraining,in völlig durchgepustet und ziemlich kaputt.
Wie muß es Dir da erst ergehen, ich erstarre vor Ehrfurcht.
Mach weiter so.Ich wünsche Dir noch viele nette Gastgeber.
Viel Glück für den Rest des Weges. Go on.

Hi Freya,

happy luckwish to the first advent :-)) I have two Adventrings. One is in memory to you for you, because you have no one in your luggage, i´m sure.

If the fourth lightning is burning, you are final in aim.

An absolutely fan

Watkins Crew (Esperance WA)


As we have said many times in the past ..along with others.

We look at your posts each night looking at where you are and then plotting that onto Google Earth. It looks like you have about 1000km to go.

Keep up the great work, we will be looking at the last few weeks with increasing intensity.

I have been doing a lot of Kayaking here in Esperance and have you in the back of my mind as I increase my distances each time.

Keep it up mate….well done!

VSKC who has been assisting Freya with logistics and coordination for her trip is gearing up for her anticipated arrival in Queenscliffe, Victoria. An initial announcement is on our website – We will be posting more details over the next few weeks. There will be full coverage of Freya’s anticipated arrival.

Freya – we are all working closely with David Golightly from VSKC who has been in close contact with you. I will place updates here as well as on our own website. Stay safe and and we are looking forward to welcoming you back after your amazing journey.


Richard R (VSKC Communications)

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