Day 319, Wednesday, 02.12.2009


I was gliding along calm waters, passing three or four small coves with a small spot of sand to land on. I really enjoyed paddling in those early morning hours, but not my overtiredness. I am able to take frequent powernaps on the water, crunched forward on the spray deck, holding the paddle across the cockpit rim for balance. I’d feel with the blades if I’m tending to fall to one side. A loaded boat is fortunately very stable for that sort of rest!


I was launching that early, as I had a rendezvous with local paddlers on my mind, around 2pm at West Island. I love to be in time, but I noticed I was too tired for a decent paddling speed that day. I needed my frequent powernaps.


It was nice and sunny, but as the sun was burning more and more, the hot catabatic wind coming from the land got stronger and stronger. It couldn’t really decide to break or to push me, but generally when I stopped, I went backwards. I tried to stay close to the cliffs this time to escape a bit into the lee, but had a hard time getting there back once I was around Porpoise Head and aimed for Tunk Head, crossing Tunkailla Beach in a direct line. I worked my way back in eventually, and tried to stay in the lee, which was more or less working. It was the more beautiful place to paddle anyway, compared to miles offshore again! I was thinking I may take a break on Tunkailla Beach for a real nap, but coming closer, the beach didn’t look as inviting to land anymore as from the distance. It was quite a dumpy landing, and I decided to rather stay afloat for another powernap in the lee after some quick food and a pee.


Tunk Head, Newland Head, King Head, Rosetta Head, and Victor Harbor Bay came in sight. But no sight of my rendezvous paddlers! Any more? I reckon they were gone already…I’m sorry, but I could paddle only as fast as my body allowed. I’d called them, but my mobile phone screen was once again gone blank, and I couldn’t even get to the stored number to use my sat phone. I left my VHF radio switched on, but obviously they didn’t had one to call me to as where I was gone.


Eventually, at 5.30 my mobile phone rang, and I was able to answer it “blind” by touching the right corner on my all white touch screen. It was Brad Butler from the Encounter paddling club in Victor Harbor, who said some paddlers have been out there looking for me, but had landed again as they couldn’t find me. Sorry, guys! I told them I’d be arriving at Port Elliott at 7.30 pm


I was nearing the spot, when I saw at least two boats heading up towards me, a fast double and a plastic single kayak. They escorted me into …Bay, where a TV camera man and some other paddlers were waiting. Thanks for the nice welcome, Victor Harbor paddlers!


I jumped under the beach shower, and loaded my boat on Rose Fletcher’s car, who volunteered already to store our van in her backyard whilst Greg had to be back home to look after his business. She did a great job in driving Greg to the Adelaide airport as well, was now picking me up to meet our van, and would drive tomorrow back to Adelaide to pick up Greg again. Thanks very much for your help, Rose!


Rose had a great dinner ready, roasted lamb, potato gratin and veggies. Yummy, yummy! I was happily crashing into our van soon, yearning to have Greg again tomorrow!


The night was hot, no wind at all. I was overtired and not used to sleep inside. I had to open the doors wide, but then the mosquitoes came in badly. I was already thinking of putting up my tent with the bug proof fly again.  Eventually I started to burn a mosquito coil on the doorstep, and sprayed my arms and face with bug repellent. This seemed to work! But it was 1 am when I found a bit of decent sleep! But I slept with the happy feeling not to have to get up next morning!


Message from Freya:

Port Elliot 5:00 a.m. to  7:30 p.m..   Channel 7 TV news was there and I had some local paddlers escorting me in. I’m tired to death— too much paddling and not enough sleep. I will update tomorrow

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Phil from NZ

Hey there Freya, have been virtually following you and your exploits since Coastbusters 2008, you are one in a million and this is truly a legendary expedition. Lots of thoughts and love from NZ to you, Victor Harbour is a great spot – enjoy the rest and its all down hill now.

Jill and Bill

Dear Freya,
Absolutely well done! We can sleep easier now you are through our danger zones and with Greg’s support, should enjoy the rest of your trip!
Our warmest wishes, we shall continue to avidly watch.

greg whelan

Congratulations Freya
you continue to amaze us all. I recently sent a letter to Inside Sport magazine suggesting to them that they do a story on you and your amazing adventure. No reply and no story. I can’t imagine how anyone can underestimate the scope of what you have done. You are truly inspirational. All the best from the Gove surf club and revel in the adulation and good wishes that you deserve.

admin Post author

Hey All,

Just checking in and testing the website. 🙂 Have to do that every so often. Hey Freya! You’re Amazing!

Dear Freya,

You continue to amaze and inspire me and so many. To do incredible things and to think to yourself, “It’s not a big deal, really,” is to be in a place great people live. And to be able to pat yourself on the back and say, “OMG. I did that. That was good!” is another thing great people can do.

In my opinion, you are one of the Greats.

Hier ist wieder die Nervesäch´,

was Du jetzt noch vor Dir hast ist wie der Zieleinlauf der Radler bei Tour de France in Paris auf dem Chams Elysée. So ein erhabenes Gefühl muß das sein.. Gänsehautfeeling eben. Wie durch den L´arc de Triomphe oder das Brandenburger Tor. Genieße es. Ich hoffe, Dich begleiten viele, viele Paddler, aber nicht soviele, daß Du in der Menge untergehst.

Was mache ich nur in Zukunft, wenn ich hierauf künftig verzichten muß.

Dies war mit das Beste, was mir das Internet je geboten hat.

Dafür schonmal vielen Dank, Freya.


dutch clouds

Don’t update tomorrow! Get sleep!

Any paddler or adventurer with at least some experience will recognize what you just did and realize that any “chore” is a huge burden now.

Joe G.

Enjoy your time in Victor Harbor, rest and relax.
Then an easy push to the finish.

God Bless and safe paddling!


Well done Freya!!!!!! Cape Otway is coming closer. Enjoy!!!! And: Please take a photograph vom Cape Otway Lighthouse!!!!!

Greetings from Germany

Pam M.

You did it Freya – crossed those two big channels or gulfs, or whatever! Done! Stunning effort – hope you take some time off to rest and relax soon! You deserve it!


and now relaxt to the finish. enjoy the last miles.
thank you for this fascinating expedition!


Brilliant effort Freya – talk about the power of muscle combined with positive thinking – what an example – Just can’t imagine how hard those last two days must have been.

The excitement must also be building up as you get closer.

Heres wishing you well with those headwinds and surf.

All the best, PeterO

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