Day 326, Wedesday, 9.12.2009

Email message from Freya:

38.03 140.52, Brown Bay. 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.,  50 km

What a ride! Yes, it was strong northwest following wind as forecast, 20-25 kn, but I felt I could handle it and I wanted to go. There were plenty of reef-sheltered beaches up to Port McDonnel where I’d be able to pull out, just in case, but I just had to steer and balance a bit (well, sometimes a bit more…) and to let go with the wind. Around the corner of Port McDonnel the NW wind was blowing offshore and the water got calm. Landing on Brown Bay in the shelter of a reef of Green Point was easy then.

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Kerry Parslow

Wow, really closing in on the homestretch now! Like so many others I have mixed feelings about the end of this journey — excited to see the climax of your epic effort but will miss your wonderful updates (and coastal geography lessons) that we’ve enjoyed for so long. I have been “virtually” paddling with you every day at my office with a huge map on the wall of Australia, a photo of you in the Epic and a flag pin that says “Freya” that I move as you report your location. Some of my office mates stop by to check on your status when they pass on the way to the coffee pot.

But I am happy knowing you will be spending Christmas relaxing with friends and family — are Edda and Helge going to make it to OZ in time for your victorious entrance at Queenscliff?

Couldn’t help but notice the news item on the huge Antarctic iceberg that is headed towards the Aussie coast:

That would have been useful for Freya to have icebergs around while she was traversing the southern coast — might have cooled the hot air and provided a source of fresh ice water! 🙂

Goodspeed, Freya! We will all be ready to “join” your next adventure as soon as you are rested up and itching for the next challenge.


Ditto with Pam M. Here in Montreal Canada, paddling is a long season away as the snow drifts pile up. I will truly miss your paddling updates once you reach your goal shortly. Your journey writing skills have kept us all thrilled, amused, informed and even envious as we have followed you around that unique continent. I yearn to be back on the water more than ever and your trip has inspired me to look at other coastlines to explore. Australia is definitely on my radar now!

Thanks for taking the time, no matter what, to talk to us through this blog, and thanks to all you bloggers who join in. You all sound like fun, adventurous people! Especially now that you’ve met Freya, whether virtually or really!!

Paddling rocks!


well done freya, so close, enjoy the run home. Just know that you have thrilled so many people in australia with your superhuman efforts, we are proud you chose australia to tackle, and we are even more proud of you.

well done!

I’m a Queenslander who would love to see the finish of this amazing feat. I’ll fly down for it – should I be looking at coming Tues or Wed or Is there any follow up welcome back event if she arrives during this week ie next weekend?

dutch clouds

Nice to hear of a great ride!

A thrillseeker like you had plenty of boring slogs to deal with. Wish you lots of fun and excitement in the last week.

Weather permitting, stay safe, blah blah blah …..!

Pam M.

A week away from trips end! Happy for you Freya, but for us snow bound paddlers, I think we will go through withdrawal from our daily addiction to your blog!!! Our first winter storm in Ottawa, Canada, has dumped 10 inches of snow with fierce winds, the hours of daylight diminish, the darkness descends, and our summers paddling adventures are but a dim memory. And soon we will be without daily updates on your amazing adventure. How I will miss them – I feel very privileged to have been able to follow you along the coast of Australia, through all kinds of challenges. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us armchair paddlers updated so regularly. Paddle on and stay safe!

Graham Ey

Well Freya, not far to go. A safe paddle! It must have been like kayak heaven with the wind for a change pushing you instead of agains you.
Safe paddleing.

Renee Stanley

Hi Freya,
Since the Yacht club in Victor Harbor I keep thinking about you when I’m doing my everyday things. Just to meet you and hear from you face to face about your experience has just captured me.
While I’m doing the dishes or driving to work, you’re paddling, while i’m washing my hair or telling Oceana off, you’re paddling. It is quite hard to wrap my brain around how big your expedition is.
You are truly an amazing person. I loved finding out (apart from how tall you actually are!) but that you are ‘down to earth’ and someone easy to spend time with.

Brad and I would love to meet you at the end if we can work around families and work. I hope to see you there

Good luck

Renee x


Hi Freya,

It looks like you may be around a week away from Queensclifff. In time for some last minute Xmas shopping, and watching the winter Olympics happening around Vancouver, BC in Feburary. Pull out your winter coat.

I feel you are the “Amelia Earhart” for us Northamericans, but with a happier ending. I would also be very interested in your book of your voyage.

Take care.






At this rate you will be in Queenscliffe soon. watch out for the shipwrecks at cape otway and dont paddle to close to the 12 Aposotles the fall.

See you in Queenscliffe stay safe!

Janita K

Only a smidgeon (less than 10km??) to the border Freya. You are really eating up the coastline.

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