Day 328, Friday, 11.12.2009

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Alan Shea

Well what am I going to read after you are finished. Take your time on the final home-ward stretch and enjoy the moment, thanks for your updates/photos.

Chuck H

Thanks for the lead, dutch clouds. The loaded/unloaded boat element is dramatic. According to figures Freya provided earlier, a full load gives a total weight (kayak, paddler and load) of about 385 pounds (175kg). Unloaded (figuring maybe 22 pounds — 10 kg) for essential gear and food/water needed while on the water) totals about 242 pounds (110 kg). Quite a difference!

If i’m counting correctly, Freya will have spent 78 percent of the trip paddling a full boat (191 paddling days out of 245) and only 22% (54 days) with a “light” boat. That’s the benefit of having full-time shore support, and highlights the value of Greg’s contribution (and that provided earlier by Terry Bolland).

In another context, it’s more or less the equivalent of running a marathon carrying a bottle of water, versus running it with a full backpack. Factor in weather (waves, headwinds and surf) and Freya’s achievement is even more remarkable! Despite the impressive nature of Karen Darke’s example, I’m certainly willing to support Freya for that “Queen of Positive Motivation” title!

dutch clouds

Just noticed that Freya added a colomn to the Trip dates table Paul Caffyn 1982 – Freya Hoffmeister 2009 exel sheet:

Boat loaded/unloaded.

It shows the mindset that is required ….

Hallo Freya,

genieße deine letzten Tage der Umrund Australiens und mach eine Big Party. Du hast es Dir verdient. Unvorstellbar, 15000 km paddeln in den Armen und Grenzen überschritten.

Komm gut heim

Petra und das gesamte Aquapac-Team


Hey not far to go Freya ,I will always remember paddling with you through our Murchison River Mouth at Kalbarri,Have a great last couple of days paddling and celebrating at the FINISH cheers PHIL

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