Day 330 + 331, Sunday + Monday, 13.+14.12.2009

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Joe Walker


Sharks, crocs, seasnakes, poisonous jelly fish, wind currents, thunder and lightening, nothing could stop you! Great job! Can’t wait to read: “She’s DONE it!”

Freya, fantastic achievement !! But someone should have told you that the easiest way to paddle to Point Addis from Queenscliff is to turn right, not left, when you leave Port Phillip Bay. Congratulations on a mighty effort!!


Wow Freya! I gues you leave us all speechless. This is just hard to comprehend. You are the true giding light for us all. It seems noting is impossible.Thanks!

Randy Albury

Truly an inspiration to ALL endurance athletes especially the ones over 40+. CONGRADULATIONS from THE BAHAMAS!!!!!

Hard to believe, I don’t think we can quite imagine what you’ve been through, but you did and you’ll never regret it!
Congratualtions, enjoy your first day off…

Steve King

So proud of you!
Thanks for this website and the inspiration you bring to so many!
All the best with the other challenges life brings.
Merry Christmas!

Roger Gocking

Freya: people make a big production out of climbing Mount Everest but what you have done makes climbing Mount Everest look like a stroll in the park by comparison!

Pam M.

Freya – I told you once you were the queen of positive self-motivation, and you have proven that over and over again. And I agree with Rose, I want to take inspiration from your courage and determination, and put it to practice in my own life, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, living life more fully every day. Thank you doesn’t begin to say what I feel. Two more days – continue to paddle swiftly and safely!

You are now in the pantheon of great adventurers.

I hope you take on as one of your next challenges , teaching the young people of the world about courage , confidence , hard work, and an indomitable spirit…and all the rewards that can bring.


Freya, I am agree with Barbara Rufenacht,Ian Watkins, Rose and all the others: wishes you good luck; bravo etc. Thank you for your blog.
Don’t take the website down. If you will write a book concerning this adventure let it us know on THIS site ?
The best of luck for the last days and before i forget a merry christmas and a happy new year or frohen Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr

Peter.T ( Hervey Bay)

Freya, Congratulations, what a fantastic effort. have been following your progress since you left Siesia. From meeting you it was evident that your resolve and determination was 100%, As I watched you disappear out of site from the wharft there prior to you crossing the Gulf I was concerned that you may have underestimated what lay ahead, you sure are a determined, guttsy, inspirational lady.
Would loved to have been there to see you paddle a shore to complete your epix journey..
The very best of wishes for your future endeavors.

Ad Moerman

She wrote ‘IT’S NOT AN ATTEMPT’ instead of EFFORT. Thanks Freya for helping me to improve my English. ;-).


You have shown us all that it is indeed possible to eat an elephant – Just a small piece at a time.

Ad Moerman

At the beginning of this journey you wrote ‘IT’S NOT AN EFFORT’, In your head there was no doubt at all that you where going to make it to the finish, You where right! Well done and congratulations. And good luck with picking up the normal live again.

maree (Bunbury)

Freya, I am So excited for you. When you paddle down the finish line, I, ( and everyone else) will be there in spirit with you.
I have been following you since Kalbarri. You have been an inspiration.
I want to be forever inspired by your focus & determination
I don’t plan to do what you have done,,but,, I would like to read your book if & when you write it!!
Namaste, maree


What a wonderful feeling this must be for you Freya, at the end of your last full day of paddling.

Thank you for the party invitation…I’m sad that I won’t be able to attend, but that’s life. I’ll be thinking of you, however.

It must be a bitter-sweet time for you and Greg now, the great effort finally finished, but the adventure you two have shared also ending…I wish you both all the very best for whatever comes next.

Watching your mighty effort, your focus and your steady determination has been very inspiring for me. Your example has brought home to me that I need to do more with my own life, extending my limitations and living more fully. Thank you.

Well, what a feeling this must be for you Freya. Probably the sweetest 2 days of the expedition comming up. Enjoy them, you deserve it, well done!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Watkins. (Watkins crew Esperance)

Well Freya,

Well done. We are both happy and disapointed. It’s over.

You have been a huge influence on my life!

Thanks and well done….

I know you havn’t got there yet, I am just getting in before the rush…

Barbara Rufenacht

I’ve been a fly on the wall eagerly reading your every post. Feel withdrawl symptoms now. Don’t take the website down so we can relive your adventure. I am overawed by your accomplishment, skill, grace and style. What a role model! I think of you every time I paddle and have told so many people to go to this website over the past 11 months. There just isn’t enough adulation to give you for this singular feat. In my 66 years I’ve never had a hero to worship but I do now. BRAVO.
Barbara, Salt Lake City, Utah (A sea kayaker in a desert state)

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