Day 43, Sunday, 01.03.2009

Matt Carter took these pictures, paddling out today on his surfski with his friend Leo and me for about 1/2 hr. Thanks for the company, guys!

My host from last night Geoff, me, Leo and Matt


I was actively looking for getting off the main channels with huge motorboat traffic – once you found a small shallow one, no one was in there nay more…and I enjoyed the peace and remoteness. 

Mangrove trees just stand in the water, amazing they can survive in the saltwater!

The scenery was perfect for crocodiles or alligators (like I have paddled with them in Florida!) – but luckily there were NONE of those creatures around…so I had to make up my own fantasie by finding this wooden scary looking dinosaur creature :-))

I reckon I won’t have such a relaxing look again at a mangrove jungle with muddy water channels further up north…once the big teeth animals are around…so I really enjoyed taking these pictures and floating around a bit! Actually, I felt likesome animals were missing…just turtles and birds…the gators in Florida were not dangerous, just there…rather shy than agressive.

The roots of mangroves exposed on lower tide.I had troubles coming out of one channel on lowest tide, almost stuck!

A sandy cliffy section of a channel with a tree almost breaking off…


27.34 153.24 Blaksley Landing on North Stradbroke Island 50 km

I paddled through a maze of Mangrove islands today, quite different. Will write more later…too tired now

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Hi Freya! Great to see the latest pictures, and everyone in the band is pulling for you! You are an inspiration to us all.

Brian / Emerald Rose


Love the pictures!!!
Shame about Spot, I do hope you can work out a time delay or something. trying to find you on Google Earth is a bit tricky, they always show other towns, must get a large scale paper map someday.
Gosh, I blink and you’ve moved on, and on, and on…

If anyone can do this, you can!



Moin Freya !
Habe schon über Dein NZ-Ding gestaunt.
Bin gepaddelt Januar O7 im Akaroa- und Milford Sound.
Ist ja ein Mördertempo das Du an den Tag legst, mit fast 100 km
Etappen. Ich ziehe alle Hüte und drücke alle Daumen !
Jetzt kommt die tropische Zone. Pass bloß gut auf Dich auf !
Grüße von der Flensburger Förde


There are some strange people in this world and so I would post your position a few days behind where you are. maybe keep in contact with real paddlers through a separate forum.


Freya, You are an inspiration! I am not seeing SPOT at all, so have you decided not to publish your daily location? (Actually from a safety standpoint I think that wise) But it was nice to track you from afar 🙂 How are you feeling? How is your skin doing?

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