Day 57, Sunday, 15.03.2009

23.29 151.14 Cape Capricorn 70km

I was paddling way offshore all day, through 17 waiting freighters. It was quite a game to count them, as they were shifting perspective all the time, appearing and disappearing behind the horizont. I rather went outside than taking the inside passage of Curtis Island and passing Gladstone and quite some civilisation…

I arrived in last light, wondering why the paddling went so tough today…I discovered happily I had to solve quite a few gear issues that night…my whole stern compartment was fully flooded! F…!!!

I was assuming I put the stern hatch on the wrong way, as I couldn’t discover any hole…

I was cussing for quite a while, as everything was soaked, including food (not too many losses, luckily) and tent – ihhh bäh! Yak! It was an effort to get at least a dry tent floor.

And then this uninviting campsite, only a flat dry spot to find again in a dry rivermouth between floatsam and jetsam and rubbish…but oh well…

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frank lynch & jeff mather

Awesome darling. Interested to get a list of your gear. We’ve done some small trips to the outside of Curtis Island near Gladstone and have a real comprehension of the challenges you overcame. We find it hard to concentrate on a following sea and swell for 3 hours let alone 300+ days. There must have been days when there was no decent landing place where the only option was to keep going. Did you find sleeping in kayak a problem, having a wee must have got awkward on occasions and any tips of how to land on a beach through surf? We are in awe. Frank & jeff

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