Day 61, Thursday 19.03.2009

22.00 149.51 Wild Duck Island 70km mostly BIG seas ride on strong wind against strong tide-endless tidalrace! Top speed 26.2 km! But average only 6 km..

One hour into the day’s paddle, a flash thought came to my mind – I couldn’t remeber I packed my mobile phone into the dayhatch as usual…I must have left my PDA mobile on campsite on 1st pre dawn pack of the trip. Can that stupidness be topped? Lightening up… 🙁

I reckon I left it in the tent in a black Aquapac on a black tentfloor in a black dark morning, and on shaking the tent out as usual to get rid of the sand before packing it, the mobile must have fallen out and on the black pavement…that’s all about black gear this morning.  
The ride was on steep waves most morning, strong wind against strong tide. The big waves lifted my boat without speeding up to a surf of 26.2 km/ hr!!! But those were the same waves which threw me some days later…I’m generally feeling confident in such stuff. It’s just wet…
But I was eventually quite happy when the tide turned and the waves eased a bit. The destination was the Wild Duck Island, so I was crossing the strong tides on the North Point Passage way offshore. No problem…
The bay was wide and deep and beautiful sandy…a place to stay!

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