Day 62, Friday 20.03.2009

21.32 149.28 Cape Palmerston.  70km. No losses today besides some weight—looking good! What are butterflies doing dozens of miles offshore?


This was another day paddling wide offshore in the open water. Tides pushing, islands passing by, not much to say (and to remember…) that late updating…I can’t even tell how the campsite was looking…I probably just had the Mackay break on my mind…sorry…

But about the butterflies…there ares really hundreds of them over open water, different species, heading in any direction…

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G’Day Freya,
Hope all is well! Keep up the great effort. Don’t worry about Alan, I know him and he is a nerd who knows boring facts about sub-cutaneoous fat reserves and nothing about nutrition. I think you will make it if you can get past crocs, sharks, weather, waves and Zuytdorp cliffs. Well done! Anth
P.S. Al get a life!


G’day Freya,
Do you have a contact in Darwin? If not we’d be delighted to help – if you do it’d be great to catch up with you anyway. I have contacts in Nhulunbuy/Gove for that matter too. Please drop me an email. Cheers, Mike.

Alan Melville

Hi Freya,
Bummer re the PDA.

Noted with interest your comment on losing weight,don’t want to preach or tell you how to suck eggs but you may have to start being careful re weight loss. You’ll quite likely burn your subcutaneous fat then your deep fat stores particularly on your rump. If you don’t keep your energy intake up with your energy expenditure you’ll start burning body mass I.E. muscle, this will also start to affect your decision making and mental wellbeing. Small tasks will become overpowering and reaction time will be impaired. As you get further into the trip, pushing yourself as you are, you’ll need to increase your intake of energy over and above you energy output and you’ll likely find you’ll eat like a horse on your rest days. Be very aware of this issue, it creeps up on one very quietly. Don’t look for carbohydrates, look for fat! I reckon if you carry on at the rate you are now and you are starting to lose weight you’ll only have about another 4 / 5 weeks before you notice the early stages of fatigue, this is dependant on what body fat you’re carrying at present. Drop me an email with your sat # and I’ll give you a call

Take care.

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