Day 72, Monday, 30.03.2009

back-updated from day 54 to day 61 – day 62-64 tomorrow!!!

 17.40 146.10 Hutchinson Island

55 km only, as there are only 3 days left to Cairns and this island is beautifully inviting. Making 2 days out of the three is simply too much. Although it’s the best paddling weather, low to moderate wind, low seas, warm, tide pushing or not…

And if I’m pushing myself again after landing at 3.30pm and some island inspection, body wash and gear care to switch on the computer for updates, then I can do it as well on an remote paradise island…

But actually, I’m sweating in my tent like hell now, sitting outside in the sun is not much worth either and not bug-free. Sitting position is moderate comfartable either, so maybe I should have pushed on and paddled to Cairns in 2 1/2 days and rather updating in a climated room on a desk with a chair… 🙂

These offshore islands are mostly built all the same: rocky all around, with a reef which is exposed at low tide, green lush jungle-like bush on top, about 50-100 m high. And they mostly all have at least one sand spit like the red (yellow) carpet rolled out, mostly on the northern side, easy to enter! Quite steep sand, mixed with more or less coral. Few sea shells to pick 🙁

And they all have the compulsory National Park sign on the most easy accessible point, which tells you what you where you are (in case you are shipwrecked and stranded…) and what you are allowed to do there or not. Camping is sometimes officially allowed, sometimes not. No fires, no dogs always. 


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Lighten up, folks. I am sure Freya has this all figured out. Let’s keep it positive, and supportive!!! Go Freya!

Phil L

And the crowd roars on!!!! Keep up the good work Freya and the wind at your back. Your friends from Canada


Let common sense rule OK I reckon. Where Freya is a single individual stopping a night or two if the weather is evil, minds her own business, keeps a clean camp and removes traces of having been there, I can’t see anyone objecting, even if not asked in advance.
A bunch of boozy teenagers having a riot in the outback shooting all that moves, lighting fires, and leaving a mess is what is not meant to be happing, and last time I looked, that is not how she travels.


Shorty, forgiveness???? Without the permits you are not showing any repect for local people or their land or Australian law. I like every seakayaker hope Freya is successful with her quest and merely are pointing out that others legitimately paddling this area have run into problems aquiring the necessary permits to camp in some areas of the Gulf.

I’m with you Shorty, the only footprints Freya is leaving are in the hearts of those that follow her courageous expedition. Freya is a modern day knight in shining armour who is showing us all that the only difference between our dreams and reality is the courage to go and live them.

Eric Darby

Shorty you are spot on,why create a problem when there isnt one.
I have lived on Cape York on both the eastern and gulf sides. I dont believe Freya will have any problems camping,certainly not in Qld anyway.

Good one you Freya,just do it.


David Golightly

Greetings Freya, all of us down here in Victoria continue to follow your progress – well done, nearly in Cairns already!

I am off now for three months Long Service Leave in Europe but will keep watching your website throughout.

I’ll be back in time to take over VSKC duties from Peter Treby while he is O/S

Best Wishes



Hello Freya,
I’m full of admiration for you and your race around australia.
Is there anybody that will bring you a new epirb?
Hoping for the best and wishing you a very good time
ladybird from Itzehoe


As you move north you will need permission from traditional landowners to camp on their land. Many paddlers have been unable to obtain permits for camping in the Gulf and the Northern Territory. Seakayakers have had to barge from Weipa to Nhulunbuy as they have been unable to obtain permits and told they face charges in found camping without permits. I hope you already have plans in place as the process can take many months for approval.

Janita K

Gosh Freya…you would do well in a career in tourism!! Great updates and I can picture it and hear the crunch of coral under your feet.
Sounds like the formation of islands and their surrounds are consistent. This must be nice to give a sense of familiarity in a ever-changing landscape. I read a book once about how offshore islands are shaped by the prevailing swells and winds so I suppose it all makes sense.
The community world wide that is following your blogs are thrilled to read where you are and how you are going. Feel sorry for those who cant read English.
Well done and there are so many people out there willing you on…and on…and on…and on
Stay safe and tethered when things are dodgy ALWAYS
Janita and David K
Hervey Bay

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