Day 73, Tuesday, 31.03.2009

17.09 146.00 High Island The water was flat & boring today. The “official” island campsite is in the jungle…but I preferred the beach…it’s too eerie in there alone 🙂

My usual beach camp, the coral beach spit is steep with several ledges. The water look inviting to swim when it goes that steep down, but I always better go for a quick wash only, stingers…crocs…sharks… :-))


The sand spit had another sand “lake” formed on king tides


I was missing already the compulsory island sign on the sand spit – the dark hole on the top picture to the left of my sand campsite made the entrance to the “official” rainforest campsite – where the sign was sitting, a picnic table and two times 4 high poles, probably to put up a tarp for group shelters.


The eerie forest campsite in a beautiful dome inside the woods


I wonder if those fruits were eadible? About five fat things hanging from the palm tree. Those plants we cultivate at home indoors… :-))

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Alyth & Vic

Bread fruit. You can eat when ripe. tropical fruit smells sweet; then you know it is ripe.

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