Day 74, Wednesday, 01.04.2009

Reached Cairns, 55 km, Machant’s Beach. Now I’m safe and sound in Mark & Libby Shergold’s (Adventure Equipment shop Cairns) house. Thanks to them for hosting me! I’ll have two or three days off to prepare me heading into the northern remote areas.


Flatwater day – like a millpond! Time for the sea snakes to show up on the surface to sun themselves. And time for me for me to get some pictures! This one was pretty big – about 1,80m. I could fully paddle around it in a circle before it was diving down!


This smaller one was on the glassy surface in a knot for a while on sunning itself – I was just opening  my eyes after a while paddling “in trance” with eyes shut, and I had time to back up the kayak to take a picture when it “un-knotted” itself! It was about 80 cm long, black and yellow like the other one. they didn’t scare me much, I reckoned they won’t jump in my open cockpit and crawl into my pants…


This was a dirty “foam snake” – the hell knows why and with which current it developes…


Australian marine boat???


Just some lovely rocks around Cape Grafton – it’s so nice to paddle just meters from the rocks in flat water…


some more…


…and more…


A mussel bank forming like a balcony on a rock


One single big red blossom in the green lush jungle!

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Chuck H.

The “Australian marine boat” is HMAS Wewak, a large landing craft (or small landing ship) that has been serving the Australian Navy since the 1970s.


Well, you certainly managed to arrive in Cairns with some good weather. We’ve had strong South Easterlies until yesterday.

Alyth & Vic & Beth

great going Freya. Good to see you are enjoying your trip and rest. How is the jacket with zip??


I agree with James, it’s fantastic to be sharing your adventure “live”. Enjoy your rest, then watch out for those crocs. By the way, were you able to replace the safety/communications equipment your lost? I’d hate to have to worry about you out in the Gulf without every possible safety feature. Look forward to the next instalment of the adventure of a lifetime.

james benson

This has to be the best adventure since Joshua
Slocum! We’re all with you.

Inge Hartley

So glad you arrived safely in Cairns and that you have help to prepare you for the next leg of the journey. Have a good rest and ‘Hals und Bein Bruch’, mit vielen Gruessen, Inge


Another leg well done! Prepare carefully and all the best for the next leg. Give those crocs heaps and take care. From your Kiwi mates Natasha and Paul.

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