Day 75, Thursday, 02.04.2009

I played a bit and attached my training wheels for the Gulf-crossing – these are three OPTIONS on one boat, I don’t think I’ll need all of them together!

The two paddles are sitting more or less high strapped on to the kayak, either on the front or back of the cockpit with THULE roof rack straps. Eventually I can use a piece of THULE gear on the water :-)).

The floats are all made by Heinz Zölzer/ Germany. The yellow ones are a special creation! The big ones are regular big floats.

I’ll see what’s matching better the loaded boat and sea conditions…the front one is easier to strap on anyway and the back one presses a bit on my back on sleeping laid back…but we’ll see how I’ll pad myself. I can’t capsize ONE pair of those floats anyway, I tried this out in Germany already. And if it would be that rough that it may be close I won’t sleep and shouldn’t have gone…


Kokatat replaced my lost Ronin Pro PFD, ACR sent a new ResQFix EPIRB. I’m very happy to have such great sponsors. Thanks a lot! I won’t lose them again…

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Hello Freya, Your pictures are great but lets have some of you too, wow 75 days and going strong, Hey I see the netting on your kayak and I have looked all over and I can’t find that kind of netting at kayak shops and no one seam to know where i can get some, if you happen to know please email me where I could buy netting like that for my kayak. Thanks Warren ps: Keep going and have fun but be careful.


Hi Freya!
It´s great to follow your adventure day by day. Beutiful pictures and interesting details. Thanks a lot!! I´m sure that it´s a good idea to keep the toenails nice out there 🙂 I like that you seem to both enjoy every minute and be reasonable careful at the same time. Keep on having fun and take good care!! Looking forward to see you at Stocken summer 2010!!


The biggest stress will be on your paddles, i.e. the connection between blade and shaft. You don’t want to break them out there somewhere.

It might pay to take a Thule roof rack rod with you for this outrigger construction, it is heavy but probably much stronger than your paddles.

…and again another sponsors gear used…

Take care out there!


Hi Freya
Good to hear you made it to Cairns.
Re multiple options: since you will be alone, having backup options seems a good idea to me.

The Stick is still not repaired – but they haven’t yet given up either

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