Day 76, Friday, 03.04.2009

Mark Shergold, my host in Cairns, in front of his shop “Adventure Equipment Cairns”, 133 Grafton Street.


I took him for dinner tonight to thank him for his hospitality, and what did the menue say? Kangaroo, Shark, Crocodile…really!

I had “Outback noodles”, a delicious combination with kangaroo meat. Tasted like a lean combination of chicken and red meat, kind of like ostrich. Great!

Mark had shark steaks (not sure from which shark…), but I didn’t try the crocodile…actually, I have already tried alligator in Florida, like chicken, a bit chewy… 

Tim Treharn, Sandy Robson’s host two years ago stopped by in the afternoon for a chat. It was nice to meet you, Tim! 

I went food shopping for the next four weeks, a whole trolley to sort out and to put in ziplock bags later! I packed two food parcels, one for Seisa for the x-ing, one for Nhulunbuy to Darwin. There are shops in those villages as well, but what I like to eat, not getting sick of and what has proven to keep in the heat may not be available there. I hope to top it up with some fresh apples and such when they have some.