Day 78, Sunday, 05.04.2009

16.17 145.29 Snapper Island 70 km

After a quiet launch seas went quite a bit up today. At least entertaining…I was surprised seeing a seasnake floating on top of the rough waves. I guessed they prefer the millpond conditions to sun themselves like the day befor I came into Cairns.

Low Isles Reef looked very inviting with the lighthouse on Low Island, just like a reef island should look like, with sand all around…but more than a single palmtree. Just the 4-5 anchored boats in the lee of Woody island were too much. But I have planned to go to Snapper Island today, another 10 km. There were two boats moored at the sandspit, luckily I discovered one of the “official” campsites already on a side beach before the spit. A tiny surf looke croc-unfriendly, so I went in – at high tide! The leg from Mackay to Cairns was landing always at low tide at night due to the distance tie shift. See how this leg is going to change…hopefully it stays more or less high tide at night, as some islands are not accessible over the reef when the tide is low.

I’m camping in the forest, it looks like it’ going to rain tonight. Hopefully…it’s really muggy! I’m sweating even naked, typing this in the tent…ready for cooking dinner!

6 comments on “Day 78, Sunday, 05.04.2009

joe glickman

Crocs, wind-weather, exposure and isolation is a daunting combination: this part of the journey is VERY dangerous.

Roy Martin

I would rather deal with naked cooking and surf landings……skill helps with either…..

Crock’s are rather a wild hair.

Best Wishes

And Luck to You Freya


I don’t know which is more dangerous, beach landings, crocs, or naked and cooking…. Good Luck Freya!

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