Day 87, Tuesday, 14.04.2009

12.37 143.26 Restoration Island 45km on flat hot sea Dave Glasheen is taking good care of me. I will have the day off tomorrow

I had called Dave Glasheen already in Cairns to announce my arrival on his island in ten days. Dave Winkworth gave me his address and phone number as a great pit stop on my way north!

Last night I called him again from Sherrard Islandand told him to put all pet crocs on Restoration Island on a leash for my arrival between 2 and 3pm…and he did! No croc sighting yet, just some scary big logs floating in Lloyd bay off Lockhard River.

The day was hot with no wind going, just the last two hours a light bit of a breeze came up. Time to paddle topless again…those days are harder to take for me than a rough windy day! I had to reach into the water almost every minute to keep me wet, and for sure eventually the open cockpit filled up with water I had to pump out again…actually nice to have always some water sloshing around your legs for additional cooling, despite the added weight…

I was happy about every minute the sun was hiding behind some clouds. The morning it looked like a heavy rain and thunderstorm was coming up, but it stayed behind me and left Cape Weymouth with Sandy Robson’s croc chasing experience in bright lovely sunlight!


As I haven’t had any croc and big shark sighting yet, I feel quite lucky and would like to keep it like that! Dave Glasheen says it’s quite an unusual year, the crocs are not very active, it’s more hot and dry than usual – lucky girl I am!


Restoration Island sounded like a good place to rest a day, and I was promised Dave would be nicely looking after me!

There was a lady from France, Pasquale, for a week a guest on his island, and she and Dave greeted me on the lovely sandy beach! This was really island life…two nice friendly short haired dogs, some creative living areas, and Dave as an island original out of the picture album! Long white hair and beard, he was obviously happy about another solo travelling lady coming up to his island!

He even had a natural pool on his sand spit – guaranteed croc-and shark free! It felt so good floating around for a while, just relaxing…but the freshwater shower felt even better after 10 days in the salty bush.

He greeted me with a glass of white wine, and showed me around the island. He lives quite self-contained with a great choice of fruit trees, plants and fishing possibilities on the doorstep!

Later, Pasquale, Dave and I had dinner on the beach barbecue under the stars. Pasquale gave me a relaxing back massage with French natural Lavender Oil. That’s island life! I’ll stay next day and do office work and update my blog, as Dave has internet access here!


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Ian Watkins (Wattie)

Doug, go to Google Earth, type in Saunders Island Queensland and use this as a starting point from where Freya is at the moment.

We have been keeping track of Freya by using this method.

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Joe, you’re such a joeker!
Anyone else try the link on top of this page to the VSKC, follow the “expeditions” link. They keep a running log and google map with placemarks of her expedition.
ATB Doug


there is such a place on the site; go to AUSTRALIA and click on one of the links that takes you to a map of Oz…

Happy Birthday to you – Happy Birthday to you – Happy Birthday Dear Freya – Happy Birthday to you xoxoxoxoxoxo. keep sending great pictures, Your doing great and it looks like your having a great time. All my Love Warren. ps: I’m using my Indian name now for my email if you wish to write


Now that Freya is safely out of internet range I can post this: 10th of May is her birthday and the nearest mail drop for that day would be Darwin. Anything sent to her there

Freya Hoffmeister,
Race around Australia,
to be collected
Main Post Office,
48 Cavenagh Street, Darwin NT 0800,

would get to her. Mind out that she can’t carry anything bulky or heavy, She does have a sweet tooth sometimes, though.
She’ll kill me for this, but what are sisters for? Go on, chums, send her a card!


Restoration Island caretaker David Glasheen to head to city in search for love
A lovelorn Robinson Crusoe will leave his island and return to the big cities he fled from to enjoy dates with about 20 potential Girl Fridays, reports
David Glasheen, 65, grew tired of living alone on Restoration Island, about 800km north of Cairns, and took his search for love to internet dating site RSVP last year.
International media attention erupted around his search, and more than 200 responded to his personal ad.
He is now organising someone to look after the part of the island he’s leased from the Government so he can to fly to Sydney and Melbourne to meet potential partners.
“There are about 10 or 20 women there I’d like to meet but it’s very difficult to get to know someone over the phone or by email,” he said.
Mr Glasheen moved to the remote island after losing $10 million in the stock market crash of 1987.
His first marriage, which resulted in two daughters, ended about the same time.
Mr Glasheen moved to Restoration Island in 1993 with his new girlfriend, but she didn’t enjoy island life and left with their young son.
He said he was happy on the island and did not miss modern conveniences.
Restoration Island, 2000km north of Brisbane, was named by Captain William Bligh. It was there his supporters “restored” their spirits following the infamous mutiny on the Bounty.
“The island has restored me personally and it will restore others so it’s very fortuitous that they called it Restoration Island,” he said.

Alberto Valenzuela

From your “neighbour” in the last SEA KAYAKER. Remember, you are already a winner, no matter what lays ahead

“There is only one thing man never regrets and that is being brave”
Jorge Luis Borges (argentinian writer)

“…the true peace of God is found only one thousand miles away from the nearest land.”

Joseph Conrad , from “Lord Jim”

May the Gods of the real adventurers guide you all the way!


freya, i love this friendly island hermit who greeted u with a glass of wine…tell us more about him: why is he there? how does he have internet? why isn’t he menaced by crocs out there…who’s his barber? any info would be fun 2 read. rest hard!

Hello, Well it seems you are enjoying the hospitality from the Islanders. So are you already sick of putting up your tent every day…i mean some things you do so many times, it’s getting annoying. I had it with my wheels, had them in my hand so many times.
Anyway in a few weeks we will go off to Croatia for a while. hope the Islanders will be also that friendly, although they don’t have coconuts overthere. So we will pop into a internetcafe how your progress will be.

Paddle to the Metal and Rock with the Crocs.

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