Day 93, Monday, 20.04.2009

10.50 142.22 Seisia 40km 7to12.5 will have 1 day off on the campsite here. Crossing looks quiet. Will decide from where I’ll cross the Gulf tomorrow

Rounding Cape York today, I was still having the tide with me. It was streaming quite a bit between the Cape and York Island! The Cape itself was, like Capes mostly are, quite unspectacular. Only a metal sign on a pole marked the northernmost spot on the Australian mainland.

Rounding the next corner, Peak Point, and eventually hitting Gulf waters was the last step of going eventuallyinto the new direction south. It felt wrong – I wanted to go west! Patience…the crossing will start soon…

Gulf waters in the lee of the south-easterly were as quiet as they can be. Millpond. It makes you feeling the crossing would be the same…

I slowly kept on paddling south, looking forward to the pit stop at Seisia. 40 km for th eday only, nice to get some half day’s rest as well. The coastline down to Seisia was beautiful wild beach, not a glimpse of any crocs…

Two big supply boats were just unloading their goods on the wharf of Seisia, everything people need in such remote towns. The decent size supermarket was filled with everything you need.

The campsite I was heading for was easy to spot from the water, and I signed up for a “powered site” with a roof for extra shade against rain. Right across the beach. I was lucky to come in at high tide, as next day’s low tide exposed quite some mud. Tides are irregular here, mostly one per day only!

Peter, the campsite caretaker, told me the crocs dare to pull up Seisia beach every day. But amazingly, for me they prefer to hide…

I took a loooooong, lovely shower, and after some time felt like a “normal” woman again with freshly painted toe nails, washed hair, shaved legs and my silky dress on… :-))

My second needs were to look for some fresh food, fresh in this case meant I went into the camp kiosk and bought some ice cream, potato chips and fruit juice…essential foods!


Before I continued with camp and gear chores, I decided to pick up my pre-shipped food parcel from the Sea Swift office at the wharf. I chatted with the guy what I was up to next with my crossing of the gulf. He advised me to seak for local knowledge and experience from Greg Bethune, who was running the fishing charter buisiness from Seisia and was an experienced captain in local waters.

I met Greg down at the wharf where he and his crew were busy loading his mothership “Tropic Paradise”, a floating hotel for about 12 guest on fishing cruises. He took me to his office, where we were looking into tidal stream charts and weather forecasts.

I realized that there was quite some tidal movements across the gulf, but luckily stronger to the west than to the opposite direction. If my body would be able to rest and work in the tidal stream rythm, it would be quite a fast ride across! Paddling with the stream, resting with the sea anchor out…in theory. In reality I was paddling during the day and trying to rest at night, as usual. If there would be millpond at night resting or even some more paddling would be easy …

We had another look on the chart computer on the boat, and Greg gave ma a quick tour and introduced me to his crew. This size boat simply reminded me to a mixture of my 7,50m motorhome with my ice cream cafe’s…must be fun and a challenge to operate with 12 guests and 5 people’s crew!

I agreed on an invitation for dinner, and Greg showed off not only captain’s but cooking skills as well. Freshly caught fish, steamed fresh veggies, everything you need after weeks of dehy meals…thanks, Greg!

In the tropics, I learnt already in Victor and Alyth’s house near Mackay there are always pets in and around the house. This one probably simply refused to be kissed and to turn into a prince because I had badly sunburnt chafed lips…he rather decided first to poop luckily out of my direction and then to pee on my arm! Next time there will be frog legs on the menue, I promise…

I tried to make him drunk with the glass of wine I didn’t really feel like drinking, but he rather decided to shy away into his pipe home…chicken!


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Good luck!

Don’t go overboard and don’t throw anything overboard you need due to lack of sleep. Best thing you connect yourself to the boat while sleeping.

Take care


freya…will you leave the spot tracing device on during the crossing? are you able to call in your daily kilometers/position to our man karel?

…inquiring blog addicts need to know.

rest hard!


Hi Freya,

Almost every I take a look at your blog. I’m a couch-adventurer/daytrip-seakayakker. And very impressed till now about your trip.

I wish you good luck at the crossing of the Gulf. Be carefull! See you at the other side. 🙂


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