Day 94, Tuesday, 21.04.2009

sorry, guys…the internet here is very patchy and uploading stuff is just annoying…you may have to wait until I’ll cross to Nhulunbuy to read about the other days and to see more pics!

I’ll paddle 3-4 days down the coast now (starting Wednesday) to Jantz’s Point off Weipa, and then cut across the Gulf of Carpenteria 520 km, in 6-7 days. Weather is good, water is as flat as it can be now!

Greg installing a new switch for my electrical bilge pump on my campsite. Thanks, Captain!

The day was filled with chores. Gear repairs, cleaning, packing, checking, and stilll not knowing from where and when to cross best…the heat of the day took it’s toll, and I had to hide for a quick nap in my tent. I’m just a marine mammal already, getting overheated being dry on land…

Peter, my campsite neighbour, gave me a ride to the local supermarket and a quick tour through Bamaga, where I saw plenty of these huge termite piles! Amazing…

Peter was modelling a new locking notch on my rudder. Thanks, Peter!

It feels great to have so many helpful hands on my pit stops! Peter was cooking me a quick dinner that night in his neighbour campsite, as I haven’t eaten much being so busy…and sorry, internet updating was a bit short this time though after my gear work i was typing until 10pm and another two hours next morning before launching.

But now…I’m getting back up to date!

Thanks to everyone leaving his best wishes on this post on my announcing of the crossing!

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Mary Logue

I’m totally in awe of your accomplishments so far and wish you the aboslute very best weather and no yukkie creature encounters.
Enjoy and dip a paddle for me!



G’Day Frey,

Many congratulations on completing the whole east coast of Australia and here’s wishing you a safe crossing and a good sleep on the other side.

All the best, PeterO


Have fun Freya, enjoy a key moment in the journey. Looks like the weather gods will be shining upon you. There are thousand positive thoughts pushing you along.

Janita K

Freya…from the safety and cosiness of our office in Hervey Bay, the view out the ‘weather window’ looks as good as you could hope for. You’re smart and tough WITH a great sense of humour, so the Gulf might even be enjoyable.
Tell us when you get to ‘the other side’!!
Love and a bone-crushing hug for you Freya


Cross my fingers for you.
Paddle safe. May the good wind will be behind you.
Best wishes.


Best wishes! I am checking up on your trip almost every day. I hope the crossing goes well.
How much water are you carrying in your boat?


Freya, good luck and fair winds. I know you will do just great!! Looking forward to your blogs from the other side!

It makes me grazy to think obout, how it would be to go by kayak directly from Rügen island in the east of Germany to England. Thats about the distance you want to cross soon. But I try to understand that you are different, very different: Unbeliveable strong physically and mental. German paddle community is with you!

May clear skies and gentle seas accompany you on your journey.
During the hard times always remember all the people pulling for you at home. We wish you great luck on your amazing adventure!


Freya, your one hell of a focused,determind and gutsy lady.
As I watched you disapere in to the distance from the Seisia wharf this morning I could only wish you a safe and trouble free completion to your trip around Australia, I don’t for one moment under estimate the danger you face, the stammina and resolve you will require to complete this truly epic journey.
I will follow your trip reports as you post them, the one I most look forward to is the one of your final completion of your, Race around Australia Experdition, to know you have made it safely.
Freya, paddle with the knowlage that so many wish you well, my thoughts are with you, Peter.T.(Seisia) Hervey Bay,. Australia.

Hi aus Husum, die Jannys Mädels grüßen dich. Hab gerade mal ein wenig Zeit aus dem Laden -Netz deinen Blog zu lesen. Haben hier heute gerade mal eine Regenpause. Aber ab morgen soll auch hier die Sonne wieder scheinen. Wir drücken die Daumen, soweit es die Eiszange erlaubt, dass du ruhige See hast und gut über die “Caipiriniha” Bucht kommst. Ganz liebe Grüße von deinen Eismädchen

Andy said,
Freya, finally after reading now for the last 2 weeks I want to wish you all the very best for your x-ing! Looks and sounds like the weather will be with you in a positive way. A bit of a pitty we did not meet while you were in NZ and with Paul C. during your South Isl trip. I live here since 25 years, from Kiel in Schl-Holst, so not far away from your hometown of Husum, which I know of course. So next time you come to NZ, we gotta meet somewhere, or I try Husum again. Been c-kayaking as well, but wouldn’t have the stammina to do things you do, specially not stuff what you try to achive at the moment, so all I do is wishing you lots of luck and keep the sharks and crocs to the south while doing the x-ing, best of luck from Tauranga, NZ.


Freya, you are on fire. Goethe said “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it”. You have all this and more, your courage is amazing. You are doing it.


Freya, looks like the whole world is cheering for you, wishing you luck for the gulf crossing, felt the need to represent Australia here. Best wishes for a safe crossing. You will probably get as much sleep as we do, as we are all anxious for you to keep safe. Please use every safety device you have. Look forward to your message that you have made it.



I wish you all the best for your trip around Australia. I know you will have a safe and enjoyable crossing. The forecast looks great, so everything is lined up as it should be (thanks to your positive thinking).

As a martial artist I have found great inspiration in the way in which you have been completing the steps of your journey.

I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

Justin, Ontario, Canada

Hi ,Freya, your friends from Nova Scotia wish you a pleasant crossing as well. I’ll be watching for news of your crossing. Be safe, have fun.


Greetings from Vancouver, Canada. I’m hoping for some bad weather here so you can have the best of the good weather where you are. You know what to do and how to accomplish this. You’ve the strength, skills and determination to make this crossing as few others could.

When you get to the other side I’ve got new Interior Mount Cockpit bags with the drainage mesh we talked about. You can get them when you get to the other side and tell me where to post them!

My hat is off to your hopes, dreams and success. Rip it up! Talk to you soon. I’ll think of you tonight as I paddle – leisurely & for only a few hours 😉

All the best from Morgan & the rest of the North Water Crew.

from the chilean west-patagonia sea-kayakers addicts I wish you a safe and beautiful crossing, hoping the weather remains good to paddle

Paulina (Coyhaique,Chile)



Wish you a great crossing. I am just excited to see how you plan and execute your paddling. No doubt you will give 100% during deep sea navigation. See you at the other side of the gulf.

Carles (Sitges, Spain)

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