Day 95, Wednesday, 22.04.2009

11.14 142.07 Vrilya Point. 65km, 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. Bloody bitch of a south easterly wind! 🙂 croc free day…

I tried to update the website a bit before I was eventually launching this morning, but internet was patchy again and simply annoying. I had few sleep last night, internet can be a chore!

I was ready to go at 7am as usual, and Peter, my nice campsite neighbour, sent me off launching that morning.

The plan was to paddle down the coast at least three or even four days until I reach Jantz Point, the closest distance of crossing the gulf. But I had to fill up fresh water before the crossing! I had Steven’s phone  number from Dave on Restoration Island as a boat operator off Weipa, and he told me of another fishing cruise mothership will probably be floating in Port Musgrave or Pennefather River. And I knew Greg with his “Tropic Paradise” mothership would be anchoring by then in Jackson River. So I had some options to fill up fresh water and not to have to do the 30 km detour into Weipa.

The paddle until Slade Point was quite calm, though I was not in the lee of the land. But rounding Slade Point and not staying close to the shore was a mistake – the other days so welcome south-easterlies caught me fully! But in some way I enjoyed the headwind again – I’d rather face the enemy! 🙂 And it was a bit of change…

But I reached Vrilya Point just about in last light, but it was calm by then and no crocs in sight, just some small reef sharks floating around. I had to drag the boat up quite a bit on low tide, and luckily it was high tide next morning due to the irregular tide schedule.

The beach was quite a local highway, plenty of wheel traces around. But no one there…I had the popular campspot for myself.