Day 99, Sunday, 26.04.2009

Looks like a quiet night over the Gulf of Carpenteria, 2nd night out

Report from Chris Cunningham:

Freya called at 6:45 am, Sunday (Australian time). Conditions overnight were good. She drifted a few kilometers, like the previous night making progress in the right direction. She said with her Thermarest pad rolled out on the aft deck she was “very comfortable” and “slept great.” She awoke this morning “full of energy.”


…yes, why not getting some quality sleep? As long as the water is calm, no problem. Like in the second night. The first one was a bit odd, starting quiet, but waking then at night with a surprised look on the swell, telling me it’s NOT gonna be too easy the next nights…

If you wake up after some quality sleep, you are just starting another normal paddling day. If you feel some sleep deprivation, you start slightly to halluzinate, hearing sound louder than normal, the water is “talking”. Time to get more and better rest…so far, so good after the second night out!

Checking the nights drift on the GPS every few hours is a reasonable chore, as you don’t want to wake up being drifted backwards or off course too much. The first night I got 10 km free ride without drifting a single degree off course! Perfect…the second night it was only 4 km, still on course.. but no need for the sea anchor yet.

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last night windguru had significant wind and waves out in the gulf so i’m hoping freya had a relatively restful night — if in fact she tried to snooze…so far so good though…hang tough freya!


Excellent stuff and good progress. Nice know that she’s had a good night and good conditions. Looks like she’s made the right decision to turn off before Weipa. Keeping all crossed, haha, pun intended!
Lots of good luck.

Joe W.


Prayers for a safe crossing. Those of us who could never dream to attempt such a feat are living dreams through your efforts. The coverage is fantastic!

Janita K

Thank you Chris for keeping us updated….we’d all be going crazy wondering what is happening out there in the Gulf…we know Freya will eventually let us know…but the fact that someone is keeping us posted during the crossing is fabulous.

Gavin Dickinson


All the paddlers in the UAE are thinking of you & wishing you the calmest waters in the World for the next few days. Crack this crossing & you are well on your way.

Go well.

Dubai Surfski & Kayak Club
Abu Dhabi Ocean Warriors

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