German TV Magazine: DAS! Abendstudio NDR3


Here’s the recorded Interview-link, in the NDR-Mediathek! (Still all German…thanks for the link, Lutz!)

Please click on the big button “mediathek starten”, wait a few seconds until it loads, put in the search box my full name and the link will appear. It is (fortunately…) cut down to the interview footage only, without the interrupting news sections in between.


Something for the German couch paddlers:

My original Australian epic 18x sport kayak (shipped today!) and myself will be a talk guest in DAS! Abendstudio NDR3, 18.45-19.30h, Saturday, 20.03.2010.

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Wow, they really did you proud with the time they devoted to you on the program, and it was great to see that they appreciated the effort and the story. Bless the sateltite!

Jörg Hofferbert

Hi Freya,

wird auf jeden Fall geschaut. Are you back in c(old) germany ?



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