Got my lost bag!!!

Dale and I in the baggage service warehouse, hugging my missing gear bag


My bag finally came in with the 6.30 am flight Tuesday morning, but they would have delivered it only Wednesday around lunchtime (or so…). As there are important kayak parts in there Andrew and I urgently need to finish up the boat tomorrow, there was no other option than driving by ourselves to the airport at night to get my bag.

Thanks to Dale Ponsford driving me around already the last two days! We cut our dinner at the lovely Manly Wharf short, to drive at 9pm out to the airport for that chore.

But don’t even think the flight company offered some “excuse me” goodies for the delay…


Dale checking on the epic skis


One nice chore during the day was a visit to the epic kayaks Australia warehouse, waiting for a truck picking up two skis for delivery to customers.

On that occasion I found some new nice “epic” outfits – i will model them tomorrow. Thanks to Jacqui and Tony equipping me with t-shirts, hoodies and an epic lycra paddling rashguard!


Andrew Divola and Dale Ponsford in the workshop


The check on Andrew’s progess looked promising – he already built in a beautiful third bulkhead, a dayhatch, reinforced the bow and stern section, the stern notch and around the back hatch, plus putting in a reinforced seat and a bow toggle.

I’ll help on Wednesday with my little loops here and there in the cockpit, different deck bungees and nets and the final design 🙂


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2 comments on “Got my lost bag!!!

Well, the less you take the more pleasure. Still you need your things to be complete.
Well having travelled all around Australia (not yet kayaking then) i can say the people are great. Still i remember the flies, they were so big you could not even hold them with two hands.

Lucky you…you just go around of it all.
An Ozzy busdriver told me one time the three G’s
-Good luck
-Good bye
–Go off!
Soon you will be on your own again…let the party begin.

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