News from Germany…


a nice write up of my local paper in my hometown in Husum, Germany, with a lovely picture of my great “on the spot” shop manager Ilona Sierks with three of my about 40 employees!

Thanks to all the ladies (yes, ladies only…) working for me in my absence! I’m proud of all of you!

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Keep your hat on! Sheer co-incidence. I was wondering if some one would pick up on that…
This kind of a job is not one preferred by rough north sea fishermen, which are the main stay of the region. The seasonal and catering jobs are mostly whats left for students and women.
If a man with the right attitude and work ethic would like to apply for vacancies, he’d have the same chance as any other applicant.
Yours sincerely


Is it true you only employ women? What is the reason? While this may be common sense for the work performed please explain. Curious men wait a response.


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