(Picture by Rose Fletcher)

It looks like I’m having three days of padling left.

My arrival day at Caffyn’s Cove in Queenscliff, Melbourne will probably be Tuesday, 15th, before slack tide around noon. 

Everybody is very much welcome to join me to paddle to Caffyn’s Cove the last few km from Point Lonsdale.

The VSKC is so kind to organize plenty of media on the spot.


They organize a Q&A talk with the final Melbourne party on Wednesday, 15th.

Please check on the VSKC website for details.


I’ll be giving another talk in Sydney on Saturday, 19th.

Organized by Mark Sundin, Expedition Kayaks. Details on his website.


I’ll be flying home on Sunday, 20th, 4.35pm from Sydney via Singapore.

I’ll arrive in Germany, Hamburg airport on Monday, 21st, 10.30 from London, BA 0964

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Patrick Coutin

Congratulations from the Queenscliff Seascouts

You are an inspiration to all the aspiring cubs and scouts, who are just learning to paddle.

Well done

What an inspiration you’ve been to so many. Prayers have been said for you all along this trip for your safety and well being.
A lot has gone into this trip and we’re proud of you and your accomplishments.
Have a Merry Christmas, a great New Year, and well deserved rest.


Raimo, my birthday too! What a better present of Freya safe and in completion of her race around Australia, seeing her son and sister! Happy Birthday.

Greg S

Just adding my small voice to what ought to be a much larger international chorus of congratulations and affirmation. You have proven yourself one the world’s top athletes, one with unparalleled physical and mental strength and skill. For the rest of my life, when I paddle my own Epic 18x Sport and Mid-wing on my own small adventures, I will think of you and of all that you have shown to be possible. Thanks for a great vicarious ride.


Thankyou for sharing your adventure with us armchair adventurers for the last 11 months. And thankyou for finishing on my birthday! It will be alot easier for me to remember the date! Congratulations on an incredible journey. May you have a wonderful Christmas back home in Germany as you come down from this high. I wish I could be at Queenscliff on the 15th as I’m sure so many others do too.


I will be missing you’re story’s……..please can you turn around and do it all over again……?


Three days!!! Edda was right, you are making that Kayak fly!

All the very best to you for those three days Freya…may they be the best days yet, beautiful final memories for you to take home with you.

Thank you so much for the inspiration and pleasure your incredible endeavour has given me. Your friendship, and the time you took to talk to us all during your short ‘rest’ here (I never saw anybody work harder than Freya during her ‘rest’) were more deeply appreciated than I can tell you.

Three more days of paddling and you can enjoy the rewards you have earned for the greatest marathon any woman has ever completed. Go Freya!!!

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