Paul Caffyn’s Dreamtime Voyage Book available again!

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Paul Caffyn, kayak legend and first-time circumnavigator of Australia in 1982, got eventually his “Dreamtime Voyage” book reprinted about the one and only successful kayak circumnavigation of OZ before I made it around in 2009.

As my own book about my trip will still take a while to get ready, you can already have a warm-up read with this great, almost historical book!

Please send Paul an e-mail for inquiries and order details . And don’t forget to ask him for a personal signed copy! 🙂

Just a pity his book wasn’t on sale anymore *during * my trip – I kept my own copy as a “travelguide” close to me during my whole paddle around OZ, as much as you guys online would have been able to follow and compare the trips through his book! Now is the chance again to retrace the trip!

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Chuck H

Hi, Edda! Hope you enjoy your XMas present as much as I am enjoying my copy. I’m about half way through. Some of it is like revisiting Freya’s trip, and some is very different. But it’s all good. I’m really looking forward to her book.


Ordered my copy already!!

Appetizer Chuck? Both wold be full meals, mate!!

This is my Xmas pressie to myself. Why not get your significant other to get it for you, just drop heavy hints and Paul will supply….


Chuck H.

My copies of “The Dreamtime Voyage” arrived yesterday. They are beautiful! The book features a lot of very nicely reproduced color photos and, of course, Paul Caffyn’s excellent and thoughtful text. Freya is mentioned in the preface to this 25th Anniversary edition.
I can’t recommend it too highly … it is a wonderful “appetizer” while I’m waiting for Freya’s own OZ book to appear.

Chuck H.

Great news. I’ve ordered four copies, for the benefit of myself, two friends and our club. Have read both of Paul’s books on his New Zealand circumnavigations and enjoyed them thoroughly.
BTW, my Epic 18X Sport arrived yesterday. All I can say at this point is “Wow! That boat is fast!” (Beautiful, too!). Thanks for inspiring its acquisition.

Steve King

Thanks for the head’s up!
Eventually I will have both books from the Paul / Freya mutual admiration circumnavigation team extraordinaire!
Off soon to kayak with the whales in Tadoussac Quebec.

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