RAA Trip Start Tomorrow!

Hoodie by Epic Kayaks Australia shades by Native Eyewear, picture by Les Bognar


Race around Australia trip start tomorrow around 9am, Queenscliff/ Melbourne, Caffyn’s Cove. Weather and tide are looking good.

How do I feel ? Excited?

No, just worn out and overtired from chasing down last minute stuff not arriving or not working yet. Sometimes it’s just easier to go and BUY the stuff yourself, in time…


Blog enty written on a Toshiba Portégé R55-11Y

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Scott Edwards


Good luck on your journey. I look forward to reading about it via the blog, although how you’re going to power a laptop from the Kayak is beyond me (c;.

Thoughts and prayers go with you. Enjoy yourself and be safe.


I’ll be following your travels with great interest Freya. Best wishes for a safe journey and many, many, many special memories.


Godspeed from Newfoundland, Freya. There’s a lot of folks here who’ll be following your journey, and wishing you all the best every kilometer of the way.

FYI, it’s about -13 centigrade here right now, windchill about -30, winds 80 kms/h 100, had gusts to 148 kms. a few nights ago at Long Pond – Australia sounds pretty good to us Newfoundlanders right about now!!!


Hi, the Jannys Ice Girls are wishing you well on your trip. Had a nice meet and greet yesterday night. We are all excited, what this year will bring for you on your RAA and for us, keeping your Icecreamstore running. Have fun and the 3 G´s. Greetings from all of us and Ilona

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