Selling our campervan

Greg and I decided to put our faithful and trustworthy 4-wheel drive Mitsubishi campervan on the market for sale after my trip is finished.



4WD Long Wheel Base High roof Mitsubishi Delica 1996 Automatic 2.8 liter Turbo intercooled diesel. 63000 km. Dual airconditioning. Reversing close circuit camera / DVD Player.


Camper fit out as built by Greg:

– Five open ended ply wood coffin type boxes that 14 plastic crates for all your stuff slide into. Two of them accessed from the side sliding door and 3 from the back door.

– On top of these plywood boxes, accessible from the side door, sits a double bed foam mattress, outfitted with duvet, 2 pillows and all the sheets. 

– From the back door is a camp kitchen with a fold down food prep and cooking station. It includes plates, cutlery, pots, pans, portable gas stove, 35 liter water storage.

– 20 l spare fuel canister

– Shovel

– electric tyre pump.

– Coleman table plus two chairs

– Five insulated rear window deadlights

AUD 17900



– 2kva Honda generator (new, probably had 5 tanks of fuel burned). 1500 AUD (new 2100 AUD)

– 5ton? Turfer winch, snatch strap and shackles (new, never used). 350 AUD (new 500 AUD)

– Double kayak Thule roof rack and straps.  400 AUD (new 567 AUD)

– TomTom GPS OZ map. 200 AUD (new 300 AUD)

Some or none of this can go with the sale or Items sold separatly.


With camp fitout easily removed the rear bench seat and 2 swiveling “Captains chairs” return the van to a 7 seat family wagon/people mover.

This is an absolutely magnificent comfortable go anywhere vehicle

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René Ortiz

Freya get a big hug for this event that almost is over, I sincerely hope that your arrival will be a great event in your life and in your heart, believe me that all the people that read your daily blogs sail with you, but mostly God sailed always with you. Best wishes from Veracruz, Mexico

Hey Freya, congratulations you have done a truly amazing effort here. Every sea kayaker in the world should be in awe of you, with the exception of Paul Caffyn of course, but I’d reckon he probably is too. Good luck for the last couple of days. I will be at the yacht club on Wed. Sorry I can’t be at Queenscliff was intending to be there, I have to be in Sydney.



Hai Freya,

Greg and you earn more for that car, if both of you put a big handsigned autograph on it 🙂

What i still want to say: Freya, you are the female gigant of the oceans (die Gigantin der Meere).

Mehr auf deutsch: Nach Australien kann ich wegen klammen Portemonaie nicht kommen, aber nach Hamburg versuche ich auf jeden Fall am 20sten zu kommen, so ich Urlaub erhalte.

Diese “Huldigung” muss man Dir einfach erbringen*.

Gruß greeting


*Was ist eigentlich mit den deutschen TV- oder Rundfunksendern ? Hier lief auf Diversen das Thema “Menschen 2009”. Spätestens 2010 sind Sie Dir das schuldig – die Penner.

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