The publisher for our book – Globe Pequot


My bookwriter Joe Glickman from New York was busy besides writing the first chapters finding an appropriate publisher for our planned book – Globe Pequot/ Lyons Press. The deal is done, deadline is May 11th 2010. Joe has written already numerous articles about me, as recently the cover story about my OZ trip in Canoe & Kayak Magazine.

Globe Pequot already published a number of reknown kayaking books, as for example “Sea Kayaking” and “Surf Kayaking” by Nigel Foster (amongst many others), Chris Duff’s “Southern Exposure” about his circumnavigation of New Zealand South, Jon Bowermaster’s “Alone against the Sea”, various sea kayaking books by Derek Hutchinson and different kayaking guide books.

Now we just have to write a good book…

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Chuck H.

Given the two great talents involved (your’s and Joe’s, in case there are any questions), there isn’t the slightest doubt about the forthcoming Freya vs. OZ book being a good read. It’s gonna be hard waiting for it!

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