Trip progress dates in a table

I’ll be updating the uploaded exel-table on my trip-report website regularly.


Paul Caffyn was so kind to agree to allow me to publish his trip dates from 1994 parallel in the same table.

I reproduced the dates from his book ‘The Dreamtime Voyage’, 1994.


Now you guys don’t start to compare too much…neither condition is similar in these days!

Different weather, equipment, (no) support crew and so on makes our both trips quite different challenges.

I may write later a bit about the differences in details.

But I admit his table is a great motivation for me to keep going in a decent pace…

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Wanting to revisit blogs from your Race Around Australia, and for some reason Stage 1 Melbourne to Sydney is missing from the website.
Can this be rectified?
Got so much inspiration following your journey live on a daily basis, and want to rekindle the fire by going through your trials and tribulations again.


If you’re looking for an easy source of Ginger, nearly every little store in Australia sells Bundaberg Ginger Beer – a home grown product from Bundaberg in Queensland…and if you are looking for another Bundaberg product with good medicinal properties you could try the Bundarberg Rum , but watch out with the Overproof stuff

Greg Ramsey

I see Joe mentioned sea sickness. I have read that Ginger Root is a highly effective for sea-sickness. Options for consumption:
1. Consider taking powdered ginger, which is available in capsule form. Take two 500mg capsules 30 minutes before traveling, and one or two more after 4 hours if you start feeling nauseated. 2. Sucking on crystallized ginger or sipping ginger tea can help to relieve the nausea. 3. A teaspoon of ground (powdered) ginger root has been proven to be as effective in preventing motion sickness as popular OTC chemicals, but without the drowsiness and sleepiness that is a common side reaction to dimenhydrinate or diphenhydrinate.


Carry on paddling, it’s f freezing here, snow, sleet slush, black ice and idiot drivers! Wish I was there defrosting.

joe glickman

f, there are products like biobands — wrist bracelets — that are supposed to help with sea sickness. i’ve never used them but i’ve heard they work. sydney would be a good place to check….stay strong.

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