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Dubside, my Black Brother

 Ed Zachowski, Dubside and me at SSTIKS ’05. You can’t believe it! Dubside, my black brother and web phantom, has a website!!! But still no e-mail… Read his commando kayaking essay, to know in which world he’s living… :-)) He is an amazing sportsman, and must be made out of steel…no, not his hair! […]
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what’s left???

…now that you think I’m selling all my kayaks and stopped paddeling…what’s left in the boathouse? My loved "Sexy Hexy", a 4 pieces Qaanaaq SS from Waterfield Kayaks, Japan, the best rolling teaching tool for almost everybody… :-)) , and you can even take that on a daytrip in rough stuff (if you CAN…) :-)) […]
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