Book 1 and 2 of the series “No. 3 – The North Island” of my First Circumnavigation of North America are available on Amazon!

No. 1 (English):
March 2017 -August 2018
No. 2 (English):
October 2018 – March 202
Nr. 1 (Deutsch):
März 2017 -August 2018

Paperback and Kindle edition.

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Thanks to my editor Sue Honan from Ireland, herself an accomplished sea kayaker, for her assistance and language skills.

Thanks to my friend and supporter Christopher Cunningham in Seattle, editor of the former ‘Sea Kayaker Magazine’, kayaker, boat builder, and book author himself, to have written the foreword to this book.

Thanks to Scott Dahlquist, Fylir Sævarsson and Chris Cunningham for providing the cover pictures.

Thanks to all the people who helped me along the way on the many miles of my circumnavigations. Without their assistance and support, things would have been much harder.

Thanks to all my paddling partners who have joined me on my trip around North America. Your different personalities and skills added so much to the trip. Thanks to all my various sponsors, especially Markus Elberg from the ‘Janny’s Eis’ Franchise company, to help me with financials, gear, and practical support.

Thanks to my ‘weatherman’ Karel Vissel from Israel for his reliable forecasts every day.

Thanks to my partner Peter Unold for his unbroken, continuous love, and his presence and support in my life!

You will find plenty of pictures and trip maps and tables here on my website.