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Day 173, Thursday, 09.07.2009

Beach at Cape Villaret After that forced rest day at Cape Villaret I was happy to find the campsite at Barn Hill with easy access about 8 km south to fill up fresh water. The next water stop would be Wallal Downs and I’m currently carrying 16 liters only, heavy enough. It should be enough […]
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Day 172, Wednesday, 08.07.2009

My body tells me today to give it a full rest day after the slog last night. It is aching and hurting quite here and there, especially on the right side from two hours wide right sweep strokes only…maybe I’m getting old! :-)) I took a little time to explore a bit the beautiful cliffs and […]
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Day 171, Tuesday, 07.07.2009

  Shady camp in Broome, Cable Beach   I woke at 5 in the morning, and started my blog updates as long as I am in cell phone range for posting. I had to wait anyway until the shops will be open in Broome for checking in town if there are new inner tubes for […]
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