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Sun 09/10-2011 Day 41

Pos: here Loc: southern headland Golfo Nuevo Acc: tent Dist: 80 km (23 km+ 57 km) Start: 7:30 End: 01:00 portage 11:30 to 14:15 The tides in the Golf are strange – last night it was lowest water possible, this morning highest water possible…one tide a day, not two…and don’t tell me about currents…they are […]
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Sat 08/10-2011 Day 40

Pos: here Loc: Golfo San José Acc: tent Dist: 0 km No paddling today – a welcome weather break day. It was raining already since yesterday afternoon, I had to put up my tent in the rain, and it kept on raining until this afternoon – with more or less intensity. Plus an about 20 […]
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Fri 07/10-2011 Day 39

Pos: here Loc: Inside Golfo San José Acc: tent Dist: 45 km Start: 9:00 End: 18:30 The forecast for that new day was easy – 10-15 kn lovely following NE winds – if you are going SW…which I was up to do. My “chicken way” 🙂 I wanted to get inside Golfo San José, to […]
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