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Tue 24/09-2013 Day 515

  The perfect campsite! Pos: here Loc: behind Chirimena Acc: tent Dist: 35,9 km Start: 5:35 End: 14:20 I felt better this morning, though sleeping at night was hard due to many little snoozes during the hot day. You don’t know where to turn any more lying all day. My coughing is not over yet, […]
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Mon 23/09-2013 Day 514

  I felt sick with a strong cold and stayed in Pos: here Loc: Fronton del Fraile Acc: tent I felt it already last night starting – a continuously running nose, a head bursting with pressure, and I was sweating probably more than necessary in the shady tent site. I must have caught a cold […]
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Sun 22/09-2013 Day 513

  Strange weather conditions… Pos: here Loc: Fronton del Fraile Acc: tent Dist: 53,4 km Start: 5:25 End: 14:35 We got up at 4 am, and Antonio and Lucy drove me back to the beach. Getting the new kayak the three turns up from the third basement floor car deck of the apartment house works with a […]
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