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Thu 13/02-2014 Day 595

  More online preparations and shopping Pos: here Loc: Cayenne Acc: Eric’s and Christina’s house My head is smoking…I was researching, reading up and downloading so many on informations, maps […]
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Wed 05/02-2014 Day 587

  No campsite nowhere… Loc: somewhere afloat on the water Acc: paddling my kayak through the night Start: 7:30 End: 00:00 This day is another boring paddling day in the […]
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Mon 03/02-2014 Day 585

  Camped near suspicious cows… Pos: here Loc: Buffalo beach Acc: tent Dist: 40,7 km Start: 6:40 End: 15:45 I waved farewell to the friendly community of Yalimapo, the weekend […]
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