getting my special Reed dress finished…

The master of art himself is ironing on his logo to my dress

A range of lovely women is busy at his factory, sewing the popular Reed’s gear.

Here, my new dress is getting the typical waterproof seem tape (a very important detail for surviving in the pool :-)) )

Everything well done, Chris?

Greg and I were taking our chance on the way up to Anglesey to stop by at the Reed’s factory.

I liked to see where my loved black gear is manufactured, and wanted to show Chris and Jo, his wife, the garnment I got sewn for Canoecopia (and for any other “after kayaking” pub nights…) by my local tailor. And, for sure, to get the logos ironed on and the seems taped to make it look really authentic.

No pictures yet, just wait until the Saturday night’s TITS III launching party :-))

Chris took us a bit around, showing his favourite beaches. Nice area! Definitely well worth a longer paddling visit. But this was a tight scheduled “buisiness trip”, and we felt sorry to find no kayaking playtime yet. But thanks for your hospitality anyway!

Getting out of the area later was a torture for my van, 25% of climbing uphill! Off-limit, but he made it…good boy…

Chris promised to make me one of his great dry suits (in all black, for sure…), thanks for that! I’ll write about it when I got it and tested it.

Greg has ordered a dry cag, made out of the new (blue …) Aquafleece. He’ll need a proper warm top, getting used to the colder waters in Europe… :-)) – no Florida water temperatures any more! Greg will be happy to tell about how it feels when we’ve got it sent out until the End of March.