Italy likes it loooooong…

Stefano, Kai and Nicola presenting their Avatak paddles in my backyard

Saturdays are good for guests from all over the world…Kai Raedish, originally a German, but married to Italy, and his friend Nicola de Florio from Italy with his son Stefano had announced their visit to show me their handcrafted Avatak Paddles – and to leave one with me!!! Thanks a lot!!!Well, how could I say “no” to that nice visit…I just felt sorry I couldn’t offer them some original German “gelati”, as my shop is still closed in winter time.

The sun came out between some gales in Germany, as Nicola unpacked his parcel of 8 beautiful handcrafted paddles in my backyard – all different traditional styles. You can best check on their website about the variety he offers!They are all really beauties, in a perfect lovely handcrafted style. Ok, I didn’t paddle one of them so far, but will do with my new given one as soon as possible!

They do have all a pretty wide loom (what I prefer due to my high paddling style), but – Italians love the average paddle lengh of 2,44 m! As I had the choice, I picked the only shorter one for myself – still 2,24 m – it was considerd a “kiddy paddle” in Italy…But you might want to ask Nicola if he will craft one of his pretty paddles to your measurements.

Well, that common “Italian”paddle lengh is different to what I am used to, but there must be a reason for that more than about 70% Italian sea kayakers use a traditional paddle??? Maybe we are doing something wrong? 🙂

Best will be to try the paddle, and to give them a visit soon…we’ll meet anyway again on the Spanish Symposium.

I’ll write a bit more how it feels on paddling when I get it wet!

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