Kokatat stuff…

Deluxe Boater’s pants, Tec Tour anorak. Both in custom color black.

If a drysuit is too much, this stylish Kokatat combination works fine! Gore-Tex at it’s best, lots of details. have a look on the website! The boater’s pants have latex gaskets, and a comfi neoprene waist. Latex gaskets on the anorak, an adjustable neck to vent. Bets fit hood. Two pieces I really love!

The Kokatat Gore-Tex Paclite Storm cag comes in red, this is the custom color grey.

My most useful comfort and safety item!

On lunchbrake, it serves as a one-(wo)man tent, quickly put on as a windbreaker over all your paddling clothes. It has a fleece pocket for handwarming, is light and comfi to wear

On the water, when colder weather than expected is coming up, you can put it easy over all your paddling clothes, without taking anything, not even the pfd, off.
Or you have it handy after a capsize, when a fast warmup is needed, for yourself or for the victim you were rescuing.
The bottom fits over the spraydeck, and could even replace one in case of emergency.


I’m never going without, even on the shortest daytrip!