New Superior Kayaks Two Pieces Carbon Greenland Paddle

Travelling and transporting (spare) Greenland paddles will be a lot easier now!

I’ve got the news from Celeste Rodgers from Superior Kayaks that they have now designed a two piece Crabon Greenland paddle.

She put a press release on their website, but no proper picture yet.

She told me it will be looking outside like the original one piece black carbon GP stick I love since years, and maybe with a little sticker on it “Lendal inside”… (no, not “Intel inside” yet…) :-))

To say, the world’s famous Lendal paddlock joint will be hidden in the GP shaft, with a recessed button. It will add only one ounce to the weight.

This sounds great, and covers lot’s of person’s needs for travelling or carrying it as a split spare GP on deck.

I’m looking forward to meet Superior Kayaks and Lendal at Canoecopia, and to recieve my own personal world’s premier two pieces black carbon Greenland paddle…thanks to Celeste and Mark!

At least, I’m paddling a little piece of Lendal then… :-))

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