Superior GP-Paddle with “Lendal inside”

I was happy to meet Mark and Celeste Rodgers from Superior Kayaks at Canoecopia for the first time, as they were already generously providing me via web with their new carbon fibre split Greenland paddle.
This will make my travels a lot more fun in future, as I loved this paddle ever since as a one piece, and now can carry it around way more easier!

They used the world’s reknown Lendal Paddlock inside, the shaft is the same outside as their already great one-piece carbon paddle.
So – not “Intel inside”, but “Lendal inside”! 🙂 Actually a genious idea, precisesly made and solid built.

And, as soon as I was back home – and e-mail from a German guy – can I get the new Superior split carbon GP-paddle from you? Sure he could – and one of my three brand new split paddles was gone already :-))
Mark would probably be happy about selling some more in Germany! So if you are interested anywhere in Europe – just give me an e-mail! I probably can help you getting one soon.

With Mark Rodgers from Superior Kayaks

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Yes, indeed. Mark is a wonderful craftsman known for his well-made products. From doing a workshop with him, I know how much pride he takes in his work and how demanding he is of himself. He won’t put his name on a poorly made boat or paddle. Enjoy. I need to save up some money and get one.

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