The virgin “Underground”

A virgin beauty in white…Prototypes look so innocent! 🙂

Well, you really won’t need a (wing) paddle to roll it…

I like the lines!

But mine will be BLACK 🙂

I’m still waiting for measurements from Aled, too, sorry. I just know that it hasn’t a *high* foredeck against all rumores. The foredeck measurement is pretty similar to my Qaanaaq SS and should make it easy to fw/ fw handroll it. It will still fit pretty much heavy guys, but I’ll hope for the second longer/ bigger/ higher volume vesion for 80 kgs up-paddler soon.

That strange rumor of a Greenland style boat with a “high” foredeck might have come up because of Rockpool’l Alaw, and because the raw dyed black plywood plug had very sharp boxe-like front deck lines. The white Prototype already looks way “softer”…

Aled is gonna paddle it extensively the next days, and I’ll do it, too, when I’ll drive to Anglesey in February. But I trust Aled on his design, as he is a damn good boat designer/ builder AND a good paddler/ roller.

It will be available in Great Britain through Rockpool itself, for the rest of the world I’ll act as the only dealer of my “Underground” signature kayak.

It will be coming in one piece AND three pieces, but shipping to anywhere will be easiest in three pieces. Otherwise the shipping costs will exaggerate the lower costs of the one piece. It will be easiest and cheapest to fly it in somewhere…I’ll sell matching transport bags then, too…

But wherever I can show up with my van I can bring a one piece with me, too.

The price for the *three piece* will be ABOUT 2000 pounds GB, 3000 Euros, or 4000 US Dollars plus shipping. A one piece will be cheaper. That’s all I know so far. Aled is a great boat designer and paddler, but hard to get on buisiness details :-)) Any news I’ll be updating here.

So if you have any further questions about ordering, which I might know besides exact measurements and shipping costs, and are not answered on my website/ blog soon (as soon as I get the informations from Aled :-I ), please feel free to contact me on my e-mail

I can tell you, I’m looking forward to paddle it!!!!

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My daughter (The “Freya-wannabe” from Stocken) will buy one as soon as she can afford it. 😉

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