Canoecopia After-Show Pool Session

I’m glad to announce that with the great help of Derrick Mayoleth Greg Stamer and I will be able to hold a Greenlandic strokes and rolling session at the Baraboo Pool in Wisconsin/ USA. It’s a short 40 min drive from Canoecopia in Madison, so the session will start at 6pm after the show is closed.Greg will start the evening with a talk and demo of Greenlandic strokes, and I will follow with a rolling demo, where I emphasize on my teaching method , topped with some of the fancy rolls and balancing stuff.Then each of us will be teaching and supervising each student in a kayak for min 1/2 hr, working with max. 2 students at a time. There will be enough kayaks, assistant instructors and playtime besides the direct instruction of Greg and me, to try out what you’ve seen and learned, until you’re worn out…For rolling I’ll bring my Qaanaaq SS (sorry, my Underground isn’t ready yet, see previous post…), and we hope to get some more low volume kayaks for effective rolling instruction. Greenland paddles will be available, but you can bring your own, or your Euroblade, too.

The rolling class is for *everybody*, complete beginner or advanced, Greenlandic or Euroblade paddler. It will teach you the soft side of rolling, see my Rolling Classes website. No strengh, no power needed… let us know where you are at, and we’ll take you a great step forward!The class is very useful for potential instructors, too, as they can help teaching, watch and learn on each students progress.

Please have a look at Derrick’s blog, he put up all the things you need to sign in.

Hope to see you there!

Freya & Greg