…yes, I’m late again posting about Canoecopia, but sometimes there are things at home I need to work on first and which bring the money in…although I promise this was *tough* work, too, but still very pleasant…

7 hrs jetlag and 4 nights with very few sleep and talking all day long, this is how Alun, Justine, Greg and I were looking after the last pool session on Sunday night, getting some rest on Derrick’s couch.

Actuall, Derrick and his wife Mary…they were the guys who got everything going for us – from picking and dropping us at the airport, taking us around to shops, restaurants and to the TITS III launching party bar, organizing our pool session and hosting us the last night at his home in Baraboo, WI.

Thanks a lot, Derrick and Mary! Greg and I are very thankful about your help, great job!

So this is almost the only picture I’ve been taking on my own (no, wrong, I mean I gave Wendy my camera to take it!), sorry I can’t post anything else so far.

Just have a look at Derrick’s blog, and you’ll get an idea about how our “kayaking people’s magazine” reporter always gets the scoop with all these paparazzi pics from our dancing night – I’d rather enjoyed dancing than taking pics :-)) – my calves are still sore…

It was great to meet all the old kayaking friends, making new ones, talking about equipment and future plans and connections.

And, to be honest, I didn’t feel bad on Sunday hearing on every corner “hey, I’ve seen you on the video last night”…

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What a happy group of tired people! Glad to hear you all had such a great time in Wisconsin. Cheers!


well I’ve never been kayaking myself but I have a friend who has. It’s not as easy as it looks. She says that the hardest part to get .used to is not having the mopinkpanda
bility of your legs.

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