Golden Gate Kayak Symposium San Francisco

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The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco from a hilltop

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Five world wide famous backs hiding the world wide famous bridge:

Ben Lawry, Rob Avery, myself, Jeff Allen, Gordon Brown

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I paddled up to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay – the world’s famous prison island – quite some tides around!

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More than hundred kayaks were launching all of the three symposium mornings from Sausalito marina, right besides the Golden Gate Bridge (picture by Jeff Allen).

It was a great play area – much better than I was expecting! In the bay on tidal races, around the bay islands or going out of the gate into the open, this weekend very swelly sea. Friday were up to 40 kn winds, Saturday a Tsunami warning, Sunday bright sunshine and lovely waters! All days were great paddling conditions and possibilities for everybody’s taste and skill level! Sean Morley and Matt Palmariello did a great job on organizing. Come and join us next year!


Some other strange crafts were around at Sausalito marina:

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This asian guy paddled his SUP (stand up paddle board) in tidal waters kneeling, later standing, in very slow motion. He had the longest paddle I ever saw, with two twisting handles pendicular attached to the probably 3 m long double blade. Amazing style!

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I was smiling at the “Plastiki” – a sailing catamaran made out of plastic bottles, anchoring at Saulsalito marina in San Francisco Bay

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One disadvantage has the plastic bottle construction: The place for sponsor logos is limited! :-))

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Jörg Hofferbert

Noch was der Bug, vielmehr der Schriftzug “IWC Schaffhausen” ist eine bedeutende Uhrenmanufaktur, falls Du es nicht ohnehin wußtest oder es Dir niemand erklärte.

Genug für heute


Jörg Hofferbert

“One disadvantage has the plastic bottle construction: The place for sponsor logos is limited! 🙂 )”

Freya is your next turn by this ship ? 😉

Jörg Hofferbert

It´s good to know you at Alcatraz an not in that 😉

At 2011 our dragonboat-team visit San-Francisco for an race. And my folding kajak is within the airplane.

Greetings from


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