More Kanumesse Pool Pics

KM_33 w

picture by Michael Neumann –

copyright_www-kanumesse-de_kanumesse-2010_heiko-fricke_0143 w

picture by Heiko Fricke – courtesy

Never tried my headstand in a Tahe Marine Greenlander T – and probably haven’t been headstanding for quite some months now 🙂 – but the old girl still can do it… 🙂

Tuiliq and pants by Reed, boots by Chota

copyright_www-kanumesse-de_kanumesse-2010_heiko-fricke_0140 w

picture by Heiko Fricke – courtesy

The pool at the Kanumesse was quite WET…on a kanupolo game a poor cleaning lady tried in vain to keep the offside splashing water off the next located booths by constantly mopping it away