Symposium Llanca-Spain – Maligiaq Padilla

Pavia likes Maligiaq’s Greenlandic seal claws necklace..


…me too… :-))


balance and flexibility – makes a perfect "Freya wannabe"…




…next the balance board goes on the baseboard – and then we’ll try on your qajaq!


…ohhhh, some practice already…


But for getting points at the Greenlandic championships it should look like *that*!



…anyway, Maligiaq probably gets points for being the first Greenlandic coconut picker in the Medtiterranean…



Yes, that’s Maligiaq, too! Using a hard shell kayak and my epic wing!


This was too much – he needs to fill up again…



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Zelma Padilla Croft

This is my nephew Maligiaq. Our family in Tennessee is very proud of all his accomplishments and wish we could see him more often.


Freya, thanks for posting photos of Maligiaq! It’s been a while since he visited my home and paddled in the ‘Traversée’ race across the St Lawrence. I hope Greg said ‘hello’ for me!

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