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  • Loosing a Talisman, feels like dying. Last year I lost my knife in the water during a storm. He had been travelling with me all over the world. Over 25 years. And nowadays not made anymore. Or a bracelet i get from Josephen, made of corals, made by herself. I lost it…the value in money was none, but the gesture was so much more. Anyway, that’s life. Still i miss these little things.
  • Regards Jörgen

    Feb 11, 5:04 AM

  • Michael I agree! A great read. I’m looking forward to the next installment!

    Feb 4, 8:38 PM

  • karel Freya great story waiting for more also thanks for the link

    Feb 3, 6:30 PM

  • karelFreya thanks for sharing the story and the great launch pictures

    Jan 16, 1:00 AM

  • ShaggyRed Fantastic! Congratulations on what sounds like an awesome trip and experience – can’t wait to see where the next adventure will be!

    Jan 6, 4:35 PM

  • HMSeitz |Was für eine Leistung, physisch und mental! Meine Gratulation.
    Eine gute Reise nach Hause wünsche ich Dir. Hanns

    Jan 5, 4:35 PM

  • JoeFreya, Congratulations on a tremendous trip. Wow, 165 km on the last day! I am looking forward to reading more about it in your book or on the blog.

    Best wishes for future endeavors.
    Safe, paddling.


    Jan 5, 12:56 AM

  • Michael Bravo Freya! A wonderful trip.

    Jan 4, 10:53 PM

  • geoff Bloody brilliant Freya! Well done! Looking forward to reading the book :-) Tassie next??

    Geoff in Tassie

    Jan 3, 7:15 PM

  • Niklas Zackrisson Congratulations Freya!

    What a ‘grand final’ with those 32 hours at sea, impressive!!


    Jan 3, 8:46 AM

  • half_eskimo Hearty Gratulations!
    Solo part reserved for you in kayaker ballad we sing next time in Finland.
    Thanks for excellent Blog.
    All the best from Henrik, Tom, Tove, Clas and the rest of us in Sibbo Kanotklubb, Finland

    Jan 3, 7:10 AM

  • IlonaCongratulations Freya – enjoy your success before you return to hillbilly county.
    But – “Husumer Nachrichten” and “RSH” mentioned your record in their news.
    Have a safe trip back home.
    Ilona and Udo

    Jan 3, 6:05 AM

  • BorrascaCongratulations Freya, and Thanks for the Travel Noetes in your Blog.


    Jan 3, 5:02 AM

  • Richard HThanks for the great trip notes and adding to all the excitement during the winter months. I’m looking forward to your upcoming book. :) I enjoyed reading all the details of your night paddling, too. I can only imagine how magical that must be – especially in the state you were in. I can’t wait to read more about this trip, especially the bits in the fiordlands. Grüßes aus Victoria, BC Canada.

    Jan 3, 4:40 AM

  • Inukshuk Well done Freya!!.

    Congrats from “Inukshuk” on a great “first” the only thing is….what next??…ha. Again congrats and thanking you for your inspiration.


    Jan 3, 3:39 AM

  • Tom
  • WOW- In the dictionary under “Super(woman) Effort”, there’s a picture of this woman in black. Doing an unreasonable crossing by Kayak will be known as a “Freya” 169km??? WOW
    Cheers Tom Sharp

    Jan 2, 10:43 PM

  • Richard HayesWay to go, Freya!

    Congratulations and best wishes from Newfoundland, where a number of folks you’ve met during you time here have been following your journey.
    Regards, and take care out there!
    Rick and Chris

    Jan 2, 9:23 PM

  • GlennI raise my glass and shake my head.
    169km on the final leg, pure Freya!


    Jan 2, 9:22 PM

  • Olalladave Awesome!!!
    Congratulations Freya, very impressive!!!

    Jan 2, 4:26 PM

  • Orust Kajak ThomasCONGRATULATIONS FREYA!!!!

    / Thomas

    Orust Kajak

    Jan 2, 3:46 PM

  • Hans Hi Freya!

    Congratulations with the successful circumnavigation of the Southern Island. I have just watched the news item on NZ-Television. I enjoyed following your day by day progression. Very impressive!
    With the very best wishes,

    Jan 2, 3:30 PM

  • RoyM congratulations Freya :)

    Best Wishes Always

    Jan 2, 3:15 PM

  • Mark TozerHey there Freya

    Been watching your progress with interest

    Looks like you keep going from strength to strength

    So why stop with South Island? What about the rest of NZ?

    Anyway, hope you doing well and that I might be able to tempt you to be a guest at the next Storm Gathering this October in North Wales

    All the best for 2008 and that the adventures it may bring

    Jan 2, 9:25 AM

  • Dampe Freya:

    Congrats to the last leg of your fantastic yourney. Been following you from the start. Your one hell-of-a-girl!
    Lots of love:0)

    Jan 2, 5:22 AM

  • Richard HWishing you well in your crossing Freya, I’ve been glued to your site since the day you left Croisilles. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    Jan 2, 3:56 AM

  • DennisC Freya,

    Well done on the completion of your journey – I have just seen you on television!

    What an inspiration to all kayakers.

    Jan 2, 1:26 AM

  • Michael Hey Freya, it’s not a ‘boat’, it’s been a whole ‘island’! What an amazing adventure you’ve been on! Enjoy the feeling! You’re nearly done!

    Jan 1, 8:09 PM

  • derrick oh hell, just swim the last bit. ;)

    Jan 1, 6:53 PM

  • Wendy KilloranHappy New Year, Freya!

    Best of luck for the final stretch!

    Jan 1, 5:06 PM

  • Niklas Happy New Year Freya!!

    You’re almost there! What a journey! Good luck with the last bit!


    Jan 1, 4:47 PM

  • geoff Hi Freya,
    I am sure you will complete your journey today or tomorrow. I will be away for the next three days so congratulations on your fantastic trip around the South Island.
    Great stuff!
    Geoff in Tassie

    Jan 1, 4:16 PM

  • geoff Fabulous!! Nearly there Freya :-)

    Geoff in Tassie

    Jan 1, 1:18 AM

  • RoyM Hi Freya

    Wishing you fair weather and a safe passage.

    It’s been quite a ride

    Best Wishes Always

    Dec 31, 8:49 PM

  • OlalladaveHappy new year!!!
    Great way to end and start a year. Best wishes to you and your’s for the new year.

    Dec 31, 10:50 AM

  • Ulf Happy New Year Freya! Its been good to follow your trip on the net and I hope you have time to really enjoy the last steps. Maybe we will we be hearing more about it at Stocken next year..?
    Ulf from Sweden

    Dec 31, 6:49 AM

    • Ilona
    • Happy New Year and all the best wishes for the upcoming next challanging days.
      Nice coverage of your trip on TV3.
      Thanks to Karel and Greg to keep us informed.
      Ilona and Udo from Germany

      Dec 31, 5:00 AM

    • Inukshuk Hey Freya.

      Wishing you all the best for the last legs of this journey.A Happy New Year to you and all your crew.

      Dec 31, 3:21 AM

    • Wendy KilloranFabulous photo! And looking strong!!

      Dec 29, 3:41 PM

    • Wendy Killoran Way to go, Freya!

      You’re so close. And you are on an EPIC adventure:-) Wishing you all the best for your final push. You’re almost there!!

      Dec 29, 3:38 PM

    • Silbs Is that child wearing a viking hat?
      Continued luck and fair weather.

      Dec 29, 7:31 AM

    • OlalladaveInspirational: Best of luck on the rest of your trip.

      Dec 27, 10:30 AM

    • Maurizio Hi Freya all the best to you and family.

      If you plan to write a book i will be there to buy it immediately! Keep us informed ;-)



      Dec 27, 10:22 AM

    • Michael Best of luck for this final section Freya! That’s a great photo of you and the kids. How well does your kayak paddle as a threesome? ;-)

      Dec 27, 9:52 AM

    • Wendy Killoran Wishing you the best always, Freya.

      Your friend,


      Dec 26, 6:05 PM

    • stentipedeMeiner kleinen grossen Schwester!

      Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr und Deiner Insel Umfahrung.
      Froehliche Weihnachten von

      Edda. Ian Henry und Lolly

      Dec 24, 4:15 PM

    • Richard HayesFreya,
      Greetings and the best of Christmas wishes from Newfoundland, where it’s a tad chillier than it looks in the pix on your blog!

      Chris and I will think of you tomorrow evening, as we decorate our Christmas tree with our daughters and a few friends before sitting down to a good feed of fish and brewis and salmon. Take care, keep safe and enjoy the rest of your incredible adventure. And definitely, put us down for a booklet!!!
      Rick and Chris

      Dec 24, 12:17 AM

    • HMSeitz Frohe Weihnacht und gute Tage zur Erholung. Es war eine Erleichterung, Dich in Deinem Boot zu sehen!
      Kraft für den “klerinen” Rest der Reise. Hanns

      Dec 23, 5:51 PM

    • Michael And a great Christmas to you, your family back home and all your NZ friends me me in Canada, Freya! Keep up your wonderful spirit!

      Dec 23, 11:09 AM

    • derrick Happy Christmas. .

      Dec 23, 9:47 AM

    • Tommy MikkelsenMerry Christmas,

      Enjoy your rest days. If you decide to write a booklet, I will for sure pick it up.

      Best Wishes

      Dec 23, 1:57 AM

    • RoyM Merry Christmas Freya

      Best Wishes Always

      Dec 22, 10:19 PM

    • Orust Kajak Thomas Hi Freya,
      Merry Christmas and good luck on the last part of your race!

      Dec 22, 8:43 PM

    • jason Nice work Freya.
      You have done really well.
      Have a well deserved rest and soak up the world-famous West Coast hospitality.

      Dec 22, 8:11 PM

    • geoff Hi Freya,
      Have a wonderful Christmas happy in the knowledge you are accomplishing something very special. Say hi to Gordon and Morag for me.
      Geoff in Tassie

      Dec 22, 4:20 PM

    • René Seindal Frohe Weihnachten!

      Dec 22, 2:43 PM

    • geoff
    • Getting closer now Freya, keep concentrating on being safe and have fun :-)

      Geoff in Tassie

      Dec 21, 5:06 PM

    • RoyM Hi Freya

      I’ve tried to post several times, but the sys won’t send it.

      hope this one makes it. did the earthquake affect you at all?

      best Wishes Always

      Dec 21, 2:47 PM

    • Leanne and Rik Brezina hi freya.
      I too am watching and reading about your adventures. I live in Japan and am a kayaker/adventurer. Your trip is a great inspiration for people, especially women all over the world! Stick with it, especially now. push hard, but please recognize your limits.
      cheering from afar.
      Leanne Brezina

      Dec 21, 11:47 AM

    • RobFreya,
      I am following your progress regularly, I is a nice break from work. Our lakes are frozen this time of year in northern Minnesota, except Lake Superior. Must paddle vicariously. Good progress. Keep it up!


      Dec 21, 11:30 AM

    • HMSeitz “Unhurt” die gute Nachricht. 30 sm nach Hokitika. Du schaffst das! Alles Gute. Hanns

      Dec 21, 8:07 AM

    • Wendy KilloranFreya, I know what you are made of! U go girl!

      Partners, are always replaceable, eh, Rene! And having met Wendy, you know that losing an uncommitted “partner” is no deterrent either:-)

      Dec 20, 6:21 PM

    • Michael Gear and boats can always be fixed/replaced. Glad to hear you’re unhurt and ready to keep going. Good for you!

      Dec 20, 4:52 PM

    • jasonYes but gear is replaceable …

      You probably wouldn’t have started your trip at all if you had seen the West Coast surf from land beforehand!

      Dec 20, 2:39 PM

    • Michael On first reading I thought you wrote ‘Galway Bay’ which would put you on the west coast of Ireland, not NZ. Not a bad days paddling! Alas, you’re still in NZ, but doing just fine! Enjoy each day. Your trip will soon be over at the rate you’re moving along!

      Dec 19, 4:34 PM

    • Rob Freya,
      I am following your progress regularly, I is a nice break from work. Our lakes are frozen this time of year in northern Minnesota, except Lake Superior. Must paddle vicariously. Good progress. Keep it up!


      Dec 19, 10:53 AM

    • jason That’s a long day’s paddling. No wonder you find the surf landing difficult.
      I hope you are getting panoramic views of our beautiful Southern Alps.

      Dec 18, 2:05 PM

    • HMSeitzHallo Freya, mit großem Respekt messe ich heute 46 sm.
      Mein Wunsch für die kommenden Tage: ein guter Unterschlupf für Weihnachten oder besondere Paddelfreuden, was immer Die lieber ist!

      Dec 18, 1:03 PM

    • DennisC Freya,

      Another amazing destination on your amazing journey at the bottom of a valley shaped years back by glaciers.

      I hope the sandflies have eased off a little.

      Plenty more rain is on the way…

      Dec 18, 4:38 AM

    • jason You know you are truly on the West Coast when you have to negotiate dumping surf. But 20km is still a good distance in that part of the country.
      Have fun.

      Dec 17, 3:10 AM

    • jason Hope you’re feeling recharged after a weekend ‘off’. I am sure the sandflies will welcome you back.
      I look forward to your updates on the website, no matter how brief.
      Hope that southerly works in your favour.

      Dec 16, 2:22 AM

    • Michael Good voyaging in the days ahead, Freya!

      Dec 15, 10:22 PM

    • PC My take on the weather maps. Wet Sun/Mon and wind going S tonight, but big clearance for the next few days after. Winds lighter & from S SW. Prognosis good for good progress up the coast. You might even be able to stow the “one man” poncho.

      Dec 15, 8:05 PM

    • geoffHi Freya,

      Great progress! Still following every day. Keep paddling, keep safe.

      Geoff in Tassie

      Dec 15, 3:56 PM

    • half_eskimoSipoon Kanoottiklubi started sweepstake: Bet the day Freya has completed her circumnavigation.
      Winner get half of the pot, Freya the rest.

      Dec 15, 3:49 PM

  • Glenn
  • All the best Freya, glad to hear you’re getting a well-deserved rest.
    Do you have your kayaking Santa ornament with you for luck?

    Glenn MacKay

    Dec 14, 12:42 PM

  • MichaelEnjoy the rest days, Freya! Will you look for the Long Family up the coast? I wonder if they are still there? You may recall from Chris Duff’s book, he is the ‘hermit’ with the nick-name ‘Beansprout’.

    Dec 12, 5:48 PM

  • MichaelWatch for floating apples! Chris Duff found two floating along together in perfect shape just before heading into Milford! ;-)

    Dec 11, 6:31 PM

  • jasonFreya,
    Tough conditions for you. If you weren’t used to rain and sandflies before, you will be soon.
    It is inspiring to watch your progress.

    Dec 11, 1:54 PM

  • René Seindal Hi Freya. That’s a new way of soliciting comments on you blog :-)

    Have a continued good journey.


    Dec 10, 8:16 PM

  • Michael |Wow, long day indeed! Awesome!

    Dec 8, 12:57 AM

  • InukshukHi Freya.
    Am not sure of the exact place,but at some stage soon you will probably be passing an area where Andrew McAuley was lost at sea.Be in rememberance.Safe Kayaking.

    Dec 7, 4:36 AM

  • geoff Keep it going Freya. Fantastic effort!!
    Geoff in Tassie

    Dec 6, 4:48 AM

  • ≈ Sgian Dubhkeep trucking von Icecreamiester :)

    Dec 5, 8:48 PM

  • derrick hmmm, relaxing on a yacht eh? Poor, poor, lady. LOL! Congrats on the halfway mark!!

    Dec 5, 12:02 PM

  • derrickfreya, are you shaking things up again?? LOL!!

    Dec 5, 12:01 PM

  • KristenKia kaha, Freya! I bet the first thing the yacht offered you was a cup of tea. Welcome to Kiwiland.

    Dec 5, 8:53 AM

  • Michael It’s not a boat, it’s a qajaq, no wait, it’s a yacht! LOL

    Great progress Freya, keep up your spirits!

    Dec 4, 10:10 PM

  • Tommy MikkelsenHi Freya,
    Fantastic effort. I have now followed your journey from the beginning, every day.
    Best of luck on the second half.
    Tommy, Mariager Kajak Klub, Denmark

    Dec 4, 4:19 PM

  • half_eskimoCongratulations for reaching half-way mark. Sibbo Kanotklubb in Finland follow your progress daily with admiration. Look forward to meeting you again in due time. Regards Clas Hagelstam, Tom and Tove Sundman

    Dec 4, 2:39 PM

  • HMSeitz Gratulation und Bewunderung für die halbe Strecke und die besten Wünsche für den Rest! HMSeitz

    Dec 4, 1:45 PM

  • DennisC You’re right Michael – it seems that spirit, determination, strength, skill and ability are there in as big a dose as personality, humility and caring.

    These waters are special and need someone with a close ocean relationship to work with them… Good on ya girl – go for it.

    Dec 4, 2:49 AM

  • Michael No, Jim, there’s a third kind of paddler: Freya’s kind! Keep your spirits up, you’re doing just great! Your blog is a wonderful adventure for all of us.

    Cheers and best wishes!

    Dec 3, 8:28 PM

  • Jim “Keep in mind there is two kinds of paddlers. One’s that have been trashed and One’s that are going to be trashed!”. Keep up the safe paddling.

    Dec 3, 6:05 PM

  • DennisCFreya, Nice to see you’ve past half way and are ‘enjoying’ the most remote place in the country. Keep up the blog – I check it every day and find it inspiring.

    Dec 3, 2:30 PM

    • MedicineMan
    • Just now catching your blog….as a former student all I can do is applaud your grand effort–your’re making it look easy with those huge miles! When you get to Abel Tasman know we’ve paddled the same waters.
      Good luck on the second half of the journey and Godspeed!

      Dec 1, 11:16 PM

    • JimHello Freya ” Stoned” in this Country means you have being smoking marijuana!
      Paddle safe

      Nov 28, 9:39 PM

    • MichaelSounds like you’re taking it bay by bay, Freya. Good for you! I’ve got my fingers crossed for fair winds and currents with little swell… Best!

      Nov 28, 5:30 PM

    • GazzaHi Freya, wow!, I’ve only just caught up with what you are doing. I’m a Christchurch paddler and know JKA. If you happen to be in Christchurch, I’d love to meet you. I was lucky enough to meet Chris Duff after he finished his paddle.
      Goodluck with the rest of your trip.


      Gary Easterbrook

      Nov 27, 10:42 PM

    • MichaelWe’ll all keep our fingers crossed for a decent weather ‘window’ this coming week. Chris Duff spent a few days in Bluff as you know, and then made his dash to Puysegur. All the best!

      Nov 25, 11:20 AM

    • derrick Hey Freya! Just jumpin’ in to say . . . well, you know. . . :-) ) !!

      Nov 24, 10:49 AM

    • Henrik Here is the article in The Southland Times:

      Thanks for the great blogging. Its interesting to get the exact coordinates for each day. Good luck with Fiorland.

      Greetings from Sweden.

      Nov 24, 5:46 AM

    • jasonfreya,

      You have made good progress.

      Paul Caffyn’s book put me off ever doing something like that, especially his account of massive swells round the south west corner. I’ll be interested to hear about your experience down there.

      Don’t rush, it’s a beautiful part of the world.


      Nov 23, 1:41 AM

    • geoff Fantastic effort Freya! Still following your journey every day. Stay safe.

      Geoff in Tassie

      Nov 22, 4:47 PM

    • MichaelWestward ho, girl! ;-)

      Nov 20, 7:06 PM

    • Michael I’m enjoying your trip so much Freya that I’ve taken up reading Chris Duff’s book at the same time to get a better idea of what it’s like for you. Two trips in one! Keep enjoying! Stay safe!

      Nov 18, 11:36 AM

    • MichaelDolphins? Lucky you to have such sleek companions! Stay well!

      Nov 16, 7:11 PM

    • Inukshuk Hi Freya,
      Looks like i was right about the “dumpers” but you got through,great stuff!!.As you know there is another attempt to kayak across the ditch (The Tasman Sea )just started,by two Australian guys.So have plenty to follow down this end of the world.Take great care.

      Nov 13, 6:29 PM

    • geoffHi Freya,
      Following every day of your blog. Fantastic effort! With the very best wishes.
      Geoff in Tasmania

      Nov 13, 3:02 PM

    • Richard HJust tuned in. What a great story and a hell of an adventure so far! I’m rooting you on — from my warmer, less wet house ;) Thanks to the whole team for keeping the blog up to the minute, too. I can’t even imagine how much work it is to keep coordinated. It’s also great seeing how well the New Zealanders have treated you so far – makes me think the world’s not crazy after all. Hopefully more welcoming weather awaits! Great pics, too.

      Nov 12, 10:54 PM

    • Shawna and LeonHI Freya,

      We are following your blog – and we wish you all the best!!! You are truly an amazing person – the pictures of the steep, dumping surf brings back memories for us of that south coast of Iceland. Hang in there! Shawna and Leon

      Nov 12, 8:09 PM

    • AndyWhat happened? You got bored of us locals saying ‘Freya, people die walking and fishing on Birdlings Flat every year’ and had to get away?

      I’m astounded that anyone is gutsy and skilled enough to kayak out into those waves. Have a great paddle, it probably won’t get much harder than that – although you still have Fjordland and the west coast to go ;-)

      Nov 12, 1:06 AM

    • derrickNice. You get to have all the fun! LOL!

      Nov 11, 11:22 PM

    • Michael A wall indeed! Awesome feat, Freya. Keep it up!

      Nov 11, 7:31 PM

    • padjoBeneidenswerte Tour. Alles Gute und komm heil wieder.

      Gruß Jörg

      Nov 11, 2:54 PM

  • karel
  • I,m happy you made it through the wall.

    Nov 11, 12:12 PM

  • Michael And from Québec! Dumpers the size of houses? Be careful out there, girl!
    ¡Hola Cristóbal! Hi Glenn!

    Nov 10, 10:59 PM

  • GlennBest of luck Freya, we’re watching you from Nova Scotia.

    Nov 10, 6:42 PM

  • CristóbalGood luck Freya!
    I’m following your progress from Catalonia.
    I wish you the best for your adventure!!

    Nov 10, 4:08 PM

  • Inukshuk Hi Freya

    If you ever get anywhere near to Birdlings Flat (close to Lake Forsyth),be very very careful!!,i have never seen waves dump as much as these.Take great care.

    Nov 7, 9:14 PM

  • Inukshuk Hi Freya.

    If you ever get anywhere near to Birdlings Flat (close to Lake Forsyth),be very very careful!!,i have never seen waves dump as much as these.Take great care.

    Nov 7, 9:09 PM

  • MichaelWhat an interesting looking peninsula! An old volcano? In any event, looks like interesting paddling. Take lots of pictures (video?), Freya!

    Nov 7, 10:18 AM

  • MichaelGood luck with this section of the coast Freya! Paddling is never boring!

    Nov 5, 10:25 PM

  • Inukshuk Hi Freya

    As a fellow sea kayaker,wishing you,and all the crew all the very best.Do this with rememberance of Andrew McAuley,who attempted crossing The Tasman Sea.Take great care.
    Kind regards Paul

    Nov 5, 7:34 PM

  • Greg Stamer Adam,
    Freya is using an Iridium Satellite Phone (same as the Iceland trip). You can use it for voice, of course, but voice is very expensive and text messages are very inexpensive. She is already carrying a GPS (and a Personal Locator Beacon with a built-in GPS). IMO, it’s not too much trouble to give GPS coordinates manually when sending text updates. The Iridium system is good, but has some quirks.

    Nov 5, 10:33 AM

  • Adam Bolonsky Hi Freya,
    I’m curious as to what device you’re using to send satellite text messages.

    I ask because I’m writing about a new US-made safety device that combines GPS and Google Maps technology, as well as satellites, to allow a paddler to send periodic “I’m okay” messages to select friends via email and text message, all from the cockpit.

    The device also tracks the paddler’s latl/lon. position to that land-based friends can see where you are.

    Nov 5, 9:58 AM

  • derrick entertaining seas!!! LOL! Kayakers are the masters of understatement. LOL!

    Nov 3, 9:57 AM

  • karelThe way to go freya great paddling

    Nov 2, 2:25 PM

  • MichaelQuiet days can be good, healing the sores days! Fun to read you’re back to your Newfoundland campfire days! Enjoy!

    Oct 31, 8:27 PM

  • derrickahh, who needs a skeg!??? LOL! Enjoy that Launch. ..

    Oct 30, 10:44 AM

  • MichaelWell done! Rope tricks might help you on Halloween night as well (do they celebrate in NZ)!

    Oct 29, 8:27 PM

  • derrick day by day. . . . :)

    Oct 27, 2:47 PM

  • RoyM Safe Journey Freya

    Best Wishes Always

    Oct 27, 10:02 AM

  • HenrikHello Freya,

    thanks for letting us follow your fantastic trip on the blog. It brightens the day for us not fortunate enough to be out there on the water ourselves.

    Best wishes and stay safe!

    Henrik (Sweden)

    Oct 27, 4:31 AM

  • geoffHi Freya,
    Following your blog with best wishes for a safe trip. Geoff in Tassie

    Oct 26, 11:09 PM

  • Kristen Kia kaha, Freya!

    Oct 26, 10:43 AM

  • derrickAll the best, stay safe!

    Oct 26, 9:29 AM

  • TomBe Safe and have fun I hope the sea and you become even greater friends. We are all very proud of your grit and guts. Cheers Tom sharp

    Oct 26, 12:45 AM

  • Michael Best wishes Freya for a successful journey!

    Oct 25, 9:00 PM

  • GlennAll the very best Freya, stay safe and have fun.

    Glenn MacKay

    Sep 23, 4:14 PM

  • Borrasca yipiii!!! NZ Southin Solo … :)
    Have a nice travel and Good Luck.


    Sep 16, 8:56 PM

  • Kristen Woo hoo! Thrilled you’ll be visiting NZ. It’ll be a great trip and a real challenge. My brother lives in Nelson – you’ll have to stop by.

    Sep 16, 8:28 AM

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